женское бельеMany ladies are interested in what types of clothes exist and how to choose the perfect set for your figure type. Lingerie is so diverse that without leadership there is not enough.



This is one of the most common types of bras. This is an open model with bones, with straight or oval cut. She is well supported Breasts of any size and shape.



Push-up is a favorite model and best friend of girls who dream to visually enlarge Breasts. Thanks to sewn-in cups items push-up raises, and increases slightly shifts the chest to the center, helping to create a seductive look with clothes with a low neckline.


Semi open bra

This is the most open version of the bra. It represents two semi open cups with underwire that lifts and supports the Breasts. It’s not the most practical model, so it’s mostly used by girls as a weapon of seduction.


Bra with triangular cups

The model with the triangular shaped cups without any silicone and the like inserts. No additional functionality, so is best only for the owners of small Breasts.


Sports bra

Sports bra for maximum support of the Breasts during physical exercise. There are many options for sports bras – top seedless and top follows the shape of the bra. You should choose a model depending on training intensity and type of your Breasts.



Bandeau are knit or lace strapless. Ideal to wear with bare shoulders. Bad support the chest, so everyone whose chest size exceeds 75B, it is not recommended to choose tachymeter.



The classic model, covering the buttocks. Can be both low and normal waist. Suitable for any type of figure.

Different from the slips a notch shape for the legs. Ideal for clothing with low waist, like a rubber band, a majority of these panties at half-mast.

Front and lateral side of these panties have the same length. This model is suitable for girls with a pronounced waistline, otherwise it will visually make the body shape is square.

Consists of two triangles connected by a thin rubber band. Suitable for toned figure.

Very open model: traditional rear triangle is replaced by a thin rubber band or tape passing between the buttocks.

  • Shapewear

Most closed model. Can start under the breast and reach almost to the knees. Made from a stretchy fabric to hide figure flaws and make it visually more slender. This type of lingerie makes you feel confident even in tight clothes.


Bodysuits & slips

The shape follows the shape of one-piece swimsuit. The main difference is the zipper located in the lower part of the body. In addition to underwear it is often used as a substitute turtlenecks or tops: there are models with short and long sleeves, an open and a closed neckline, embellished lace, leather and stones.

Silk or cotton underwear that is worn on top of underwear. Combination wear with dresses – improves fit and smoothes the silhouette.

Another type of corrective underwear. This combination, with the function of otagowane. Smooths out all the bumps and figure flaws. Allows you to visually “lose weight”, at least one size.

A shortened version of the combination. It’s silk or lace top, which is perfect when wearing blouses made of transparent material.

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