бальзам для губFor lip balm for a long time was fixed another name – chapstick. The tool was in fact the usual lipstick with the only difference that it was not pigment, but she was enriched conditioners. Now, when the quality lipstick with a decorative purpose already has a lot of useful components in hygienic care need not disappear. Lip balm is not just a colorless lipstick, and a means for full care of thin delicate skin of the lips. And it should be in every woman.

Lip balms available in different forms, and in cases, as the traditional lipstick, and in cans, similar to the cream. It is preferable to use balm, which when applied need not take his hands, it is more hygienic. To the composition of lip balm, too, we must be careful not relieving from the accounts of its many useful features, which have some funds, but not others.


The choice of balsam

Perfect lip balm must combine a lot of useful properties that are needed for health and beauty of skin, prone to easy обветриванию and cracking. Balsams luxury brands have high value, which formed a set of qualities, but you can pick up a cheap and good balm. It is only important to get round outright «penny» means, which do not cope even with the necessary hydration. Hydration is the basic, but not the only requirement lips.

Correct balm:

  • Moisturizes, nourishes, vitaminizes

It’s main purpose is to saturate the skin with moisture and protect it from aggressive environment. Choose balms with vitamins A, C, D, E, thermal water, vegetable oils and waxes, which form on the surface of the lips protective film. In summer you can choose moisturizing balm with light texture, nutritional are obligatory for application in winter. Nourishing balm in a cold season it is desirable to carry, imposing on the lips before lipstick.

  • Has antibacterial properties

Cold on the lips or herpes is a common phenomenon, which affects people with weakened immunity. There are cosmetic lip balms with the content of antibacterial components, as well as medical means, the action is based on these substances. If you tend to be formed herpes with the cold weather, do not hesitate to buy balm with prophylactic properties.

  • Protects from ultraviolet radiation

The skin on the lips very thin, so it is easily dried slightest external factors – wind, sun, salty water. But even more serious and dangerous effects of ultraviolet radiation that is harmful to the organism. UV radiation to protect lips not only in summer but in winter, buying effective protective lip balm with SPF filter.

  • Has a nice texture and smell

Despite the fact that these properties have nothing to do with practicality, pleasant texture and flavor of lip balm for girls are no less important. Choose the most suitable for the texture is dense or more liquid, similar to the sliding lip gloss. Range of fragrances in balms truly endless. Banana, berries, vanilla, chocolate and many other balms thanks to his dizzying flavor (and sometimes tastes) occupy the honourable place in косметичках.


A wide selection of lip care

Lip balms are available from many cosmetic manufacturers, you can pick up as an affordable tool and the balm of a class «Lux», which effectively nourishes and protects the skin, combining a variety of properties. Among the inexpensive balms demand funds brands Nivea, Himalaya Herbals, Newspapers are delivered on weekdays, Lush, Bodyshop, Cotton Candy, Benefit. Among the more expensive brands should pay attention to the balms that produce’avene, Bioderma, Vichy, Uriage, Caudalie, Nuxe (Reve de miel), Amilab, Apaisac, Klorane, Mustela, La Roche-Posay (Nutritic).

Lip balms perfectly combine caring and decorative properties. You can always find a tool that makes your lips delicious Shine and light color. Examples-Tinted Lip Balm from Bobbi Brown, balm from the collection of Hello Kitti from professional grade MAC, gamma natural «sweet» shades from Bourjois of their mini-collections.

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