карандаш для губEach woman has her own set of cosmetics in the cosmetic bag. Lip pencil appears to many not the most essential item, without which it is easy to do. However, women who are attentive to their makeup, you know that the correct pencil – the key to effective and natural makeup lips.


The first acquaintance

карандаш для контура губLip pencil is necessary to emphasize the correction of the natural contour of the lips. Well to those who by nature given perfect mouth shape: both lips are the same thickness, Flirty top is curved in the form of a bow, the corners look up. But more often it happens that the shape of the mouth is far from ideal. Lips may be too thin or, on the contrary, thick, asymmetrical (one side of the lip is longer or wider than the other or, for example, the lower lip is wider or narrower than the top). Over the years, the problems are aggravated by: lips lose their elasticity, blurring the outlines.

In some situations, the problem can be corrected only by using plastic or injection procedures. But often enough only a couple of neat touches a lip pencil that their form was such as a need.

What are the pencils? In fact not so many options: on sale classic pencils in a wooden case and a more modern version in plastic casing. The latter are convenient because they do not need to be sharpened. Thick pencils are not only used for drawing the outline, but also to apply directly to your lips as a base under lipstick or gloss. If the stylus is thin, it means that this pencil is designed to create a neat circuit.

Of great importance is the texture. Soft pencils may, if necessary, replace the lipstick, but the circuit caused by such pencils, can spread. Too hard pencils allow you to make a sustainable path, but to use them uncomfortable, in addition, a dry stylus can scratch the skin.


The composition of pencils for lips

состав карандашей для губModern pencils for lips not only draw the outlines of the mouth, but also care for the skin. In addition to wax bases and pigments for the manufacture of pencils use a variety of plant extracts, emollients skin oils (coconut, castor, cocoa butter), vitamins. Due to these additives pencils care for the skin of the lips, moisturize it, prevent premature aging. The composition of the water-resistant pencils comes with a silicone. This material not only makes the lipstick to flow over the neat outline, but also makes the skin smooth, filling all the irregularities.

The composition of the broad and soft pencils for lips that can be used as a lipstick, includes a large number of nourishing and moisturizing additives. Thanks to them, these pencils are very soft, tender, slightly buttery in texture. Pencils, which are intended only to highlight the contours, usually contain less softening components and more wax – beeswax or artificial.


The color

цвета карандашей для губLip pencil is one of the few items of cosmetics, which you can purchase if you wish to save. Of course, expensive branded pencils pleasure to use, they care for lips and securely hold lipstick or gloss in the right framework. But if you want you can create the perfect makeup, even using the most simple, cheap pencil. For this you have to meet one condition: pencil must be perfectly matched in color.

Fashion for makeup changes periodically. At the end of the last century in the trend were bright lipstick combined with dark contour – so lips look so plump, but not too natural. Today there are many ways to give the lip, and this makeup looks old-fashioned and tacky.

Modern makeup should be natural. This means that the pencil should ideally match the colour of lipstick, differing at most one tone. Even a very close look should be noted that the shape of the lips corrected using a pencil.

выбор цвета карандаша для губThus, it appears that to every shade of lipstick is necessary to choose a shade of lip liner. The only way to get makeup.

If you pick up a pencil lipstick or lipstick to the pencil does not work, it is better to use a pencil to cover the entire surface of the lips. If the pencil seems too hard, it is best to pre-soften lips colorless balm within their boundaries. From the top you can apply a little translucent luster, close in tone. Painted so lips look very natural and gentle.

The most versatile option is the flesh tone pencil. It is suitable for any lipstick, but it is important to pick up the pencil in the color tone. Flesh-colored pencil drawing, stepping back an inch from natural contour of the lips outward, then paint over the area inside the contour of a suitable lipstick or gloss.

The white pencil is considered a secret weapon of makeup artists, but they need to use skillfully. If properly applied it to my lips and a good shade and then powdered and apply lipstick, then your mouth will look more plump.


Correct application

Selecting the right tool, you also need to put him on the lips. A lot of people simply don’t know how to use a lip pencil, so the makeup is not too good. There are several secrets makeup of the lips with the pencil:

  • First, the skin should moisturize – face, you can use a day cream for lips – light non-greasy balm;
  • When applied to the skin tone means not forget about the lips;
  • Only when the Foundation will merge with the skin, you can begin to trace the contour of the lips;
  • To outline the lips from the corners to the center;
  • Then the contour shade slightly towards the Central part of the lips;
  • And only after that the lips are covered with lipstick or gloss.

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