жидкий азотLiquid nitrogen is used in many fields, from medicine to show business, where this chemical produces stunning spectacular effect. It can be called one of the oldest means of cosmetology – liquid nitrogen on the post-Soviet territory were well treated skin, eliminate warts, moles, skin tags. Today the scope of this gas is considerably expanded, allowing many people to turn to methods, having in its common name prefix cryo-.

Liquid nitrogen is one of the four aggregate States of this substance. It is a liquid substance, without color and odor, it is safe to use, is not toxic, boils at a temperature of-196ºС. Its chemical and physical properties allow it to be used in cosmetology for solving many problems of the skin, stimulating it to regeneration, rejuvenation and reduction of pathological conditions such as active acne.


Cryotherapy – cold treatment

Cryotherapy is an effect on the body cold in the medical and cosmetic purposes. The list of services included in the family of cryotherapy is growing constantly, appear related techniques, alternative to the existing classical procedures, which require a particularly delicate impact. For example, when necessary to avoid damage to the skin or if it is impossible to apply high temperature in dermatology.

Procedures with liquid nitrogen:

  • Cryo is the most simple krioprotseduram. It can be compared with peeling, which offers excellent cleaning effect, removing dead skin particles, while refreshing the skin, rejuvenating it. When the cryo is short-term effects on the skin cold that lasts only a few seconds. This first cause sharp narrowing of the blood vessels, then their expansion, which together with the movements of the hands of the cosmetician provides a good incentive effect. Indications for cryo are dull, tired skin, uneven skin turgor, increased excretion of fat. After cryomassage within five to ten minutes to face surging sensible heat and appears healthy glow.
  • Cryosurgery. It is, perhaps, the procedure is the most durable of Korenevskaya since ancient times. Cryosurgery or literally “the destruction cold” allows you to remove benign tumors quickly and efficiently. With the help of liquid nitrogen convex mole or other type of neoplasm literally being burned out from the skin surface, and in its place is barely noticeable pink spot. Is it because of deep spasm of blood vessels, followed by the rejection of healthy tissue is dead, frozen nitrogen. Before you contact cryosurgery, it is necessary to ensure that the tumor has not malignant nature.
  • Cryoelectronic or Bioelectrography is a combined treatment with predominantly rejuvenating effect. Its effect can be compared with cryomassage, given that the latter is easy surface methodology, while using bioelectricity is possible to achieve far more impressive results.

When bioelectrogenesis happens effect on the skin not only cold, but also medicines that are under the influence of electric pulses penetrate deeply into the skin, effectively solve many problems. For this procedure are applied two electrodes: one is applied to the skin, the other is a vessel containing drugs, which previously frozen for several hours. Cryoelectronic can be performed on the face and body, it is not only rejuvenation and renewal of skin, elimination of acne and post-acne, but the figure correction, lifting and other effects that can be achieved invasive alternative methods, for example, mesotherapy. Cryoelectronic – the procedure is painless.


Careful application of liquid nitrogen

Although liquid nitrogen is presented as a safe substance indispensable in cosmetics, it is only at observance of all rules of safety and operation of a qualified professional. When working with liquid nitrogen very carefully to work in sensitive areas, for example, in the area around the eyes. We must avoid hits of nitrogen on the mucous membranes – we all remember from childhood, what happens if the language to touch a metal object on a strong frost. Lips and eyes should be protected.

Among contraindications for cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen is herpes, individual intolerance of low temperatures (cold urticaria), it is not necessary to apply it with the active acne with an abundance of pustular elements, disorders of blood coagulation and vascular disorders.

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