жидкое мылоClean – the guarantee of health and the health of the skin in particular. As first assistant in maintaining beautiful skin is soap. Thanks to a soft consistency and ease of use, in recent decades, instead of a lump of soap in cosmetic and cleansing purposes often use liquid. Liquid soap is different, and it is important to bring only benefits.


The history of soap

жидкое мылоEven in ancient times people were looking for a way to cleanse from dirt. The history of the soap goes back thousands of years, however, today it’s hard to call soap what were washed people at that time. For example, Asians and the Mongols, for reasons of hygiene used yogurt in ancient Greece were washed river sand in ancient Egypt preferred to use beeswax, pre-dissolved in water. Also in search of the best way to cleanse different people used wood ash, herbs, soap base, various oils and very often animal fat.

The word soap (English “Soap”) on the historical data comes from the name of mount Sapo, which is located in ancient Rome. On this mountain, according to legend, the sacrifices were made. Someone noticed that a lot, which is formed by mixing the melted fat of cattle with ash, you can use for hygienic purposes.

The beginning of a long path to professional soap making can be regarded as Ancient Rome, there purposefully began to look for ways of getting a good soap tools. The art of soap making gradually improved, but today’s popular liquid soap in bulk using relatively recent. Its appearance in 1865 liquid soap is obliged to Englishman William Sheppard.


The composition of liquid soap

The chemical composition of liquid soap is quite varied, it usually consists of fatty acids (oleic, palmitic, lauric and stearic), potassium or ammonium soluble salt, as well as animal fats (whale, cod, etc.). In addition, the soap composition includes a variety of oils such as poppy, sesame, olive, hemp or palm, and various surface-active substances, which impart detergent properties to the product.

Of course, not without various preservatives, dyes and perfumes. An exception may be liquid soap for baby skin, adding artificial colors and additives is prohibited.


Liquid or lump?

жидкое мылоAdvantages of liquid soap obvious, first and foremost is the convenience in its use, just click on the cap of the dispenser, and fresh soap will already be on hand. Increasingly jars with liquid soap and began to use public facilities, because for hygiene purposes, this soap is indispensable.

Liquid soap contains less alkali than lump, and it contributes to a more mild cleansing, preserves the natural balance of the skin. Different biological components much better maintain their properties in a liquid soap formula. Therefore, the liquid soap is often additionally enriched with herbal extracts, essential oils and vitamins for added nutrition and hydration.



At the moment the liquid soap producers offer a huge range of their products. Looking at the abundance of choice, you might think that liquid soap is not much different from each other, but having carefully considered composition, it is clear that this is not the case. After all, the main difference is not in the package and the destination.

  • Kitchen liquid soap. Perfect for washing not only hands, but also dirty dishes, the soap often include glycerin, which helps to prevent dryness of the skin due to frequent contact with water. Pleasant smell to the soap often add extracts of mint, lemon or tea tree;
  • Perfume soap. As a rule, is made to give the skin of the body or arms, pleasant odor. The main additives such Soaps are different kinds of perfumes and preservatives that maintain aromatic properties of soap products. Use to skin this soap is not worth waiting, and a pleasant smell will evaporate within two hours after washing;
  • Cosmetic liquid soap includes components that nourish and preserve the skin. It can contain a variety of vitamins, herbal extracts and oils for high quality skin care body. Also this type often contain dyes and fragrances. Ideal for cleansing the face, hands and body for people with dry and normal skin type;
  • For delicate skin baby perfect baby liquid soap. Typically, this soap is Allergy-tested, and contains no harmful additives, flavorings and dyes. In children’s liquid soap add healing herbal extracts and vitamins. Also, this soap is ideal for people with sensitive skin;
  • Antibacterial. Part of this soap contains components that can destroy most microbes acquired after visiting public places and streets. Antibacterial soap has a high efficiency, but with frequent use can dry the skin and disrupt the natural layer of fat. It is not recommended to care for baby skin or skin (especially dry).


How to choose liquid soap

жидкое мылоWhen choosing a good liquid soap, you need to pay attention to the PH. Ideally, the soap should be neutral, i.e. PH should not be greater than 10.

In addition, you should carefully study the composition of the soap. The more natural the ingredients, the better. Conversely, poisonous colors and sharp aromas speak of the presence of soap and a large number of synthetic ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Quality soap is usually bright colors with pearly shades.

On the packaging of liquid soap must be mapped contact data of the manufacturer and the expiration date of the product. Well-known companies typically value their reputation, and therefore likely to encounter substandard products, buying liquid soap brands, a little – if, of course, not fake.

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