Modern women want to always look beautiful and well maintained and the nails play a significant role. Modern technologies of the beauty industry allow you to decorate manicure a variety of decorative elements. In the Arsenal of the modern masters of manicure and have such awesome stuff, like liquid stone, with which you can create on the surface of the nail with a beautiful brooch.
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Brooch jewelry is designed to adorn and highlight certain parts of the body of the woman who wearing it, and ladies skillfully use this technique. This decoration can be seen on the shoulder, chest or waist. Besides the decorative function, jewelry brooch can perform a functional role, for example, to keep the drape of the dress or to act as a necklace right under the shirt collar.
Жидкие камни
Brooches, or loose stones on the nails look as if it was made by a jeweler, not a manicurist. And experienced craftsmen can create on the nail and opal, and ruby, and emerald, and amethyst. Often created by the wizard stones are complemented rim, done in the technique of casting, which creates the overall impression of the jewelry.

To create such a miracle will need:

  • Brush to work with color gel;
  • The tear-off foil;
  • Finish without a variance;
  • Stained and coloured gel.

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The creation of liquid stone

  1. On the finished nail, coated finish, black gel casting frame is drawn stone;
  2. The frame is fixed in the lamp;
  3. The rim is attached to a metallic luster using the tear-off foil;
  4. In accordance with the desired effect, set the color of the gel, and covered them with the inside surface of the rim and polymerized in the tube;
  5. Color gel is covered with stained glass and polymerized;
  6. Sculpture clear gel is applied on top of the drop and cures;
  7. The finished design is covered with a finishing coating.

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