длинные юбки для полных женщинLong skirts for women is much more than a short, but not always better than skirts knee length. Since completeness is expressed differently, and the shape of the skirt, which is perfect for women one size will not fit lady with similar forms due to the difference in growth. Remains unchanged fashion fact – skirts women with curvaceous always fit more than the pants, because with their help you can extrude the silhouette, reconstructing natural proportion to their advantage, not to mention femininity, which gives the image a beautiful skirt.


General rules for selection of long skirts to full figure

Long skirt is a truly multifunctional item of women’s wardrobe. It is able to force others to look at the figure in a different way, focusing on its merits and not noticing the flaws. This skirt hides the legs, so you can not worry about swollen knees, nor about the full ankle. But weight has many faces. If marked size plus size you have quite slim legs, but the bulk of the upper part of the body, should not be abused qualities long skirts, because in this case its hyperobject can make the figure even fuller than it is actually.

Women low growth also should not wear very long skirts to the floor, which is entirely absorb your figure. A similar model with a volumetric silhouette will make you even more korpulentny and squat, which your body does not need.

The main rule, from which we must build full the woman in the selection of long skirts, – preserve aspect ratio and the desire to balance the lower and upper body. If you have broad shoulders and full chest, move the focus down through beautiful long, for example, a colored skirt. With wide hips and heavy buttocks do not: the skirt should be a moderate amount, and to balance the silhouette is to draw attention to the upper body area bright scarf, a large brooch.


Skirt-Maxi flowing from soft material

This type of long skirt is suitable, perhaps, for all women. You can choose a model from a soft knitted fabric that lies around the entire circumference of beautiful folds, giving the image of femininity. You can choose plain dark skirt, moving the focus up or bright model turquoise or coral color, attracting the attention. Use a matte fabric, shade, or pattern correlate with the upper part of the figure. Bright solid color skirt suit top, striped or with moderate floral pattern, and the models with floral or psychedelic prints will need a plain top or a classic strict shirt in men’s style. As the shoes for this skirt will suit sandals-Gladiator, flat or with heels and court shoes or flat flip flops or ballet flats.


Chiffon skirt with print

An indispensable part of the wardrobe for the summer, which must be in every woman large size. Long chiffon skirt with floral or ethnic pattern supports the summer mood, sits comfortably without restricting movement, and most importantly – not precisely what I would like to hide.

If you have a heavy upper body, choose bright patterned skirt forms a circle or bell to form a conical shape, as in Dior style “new bow”. The print should be large or medium volume, the skirt is better to combine with a relaxed riding matte dark or neutral color with V-neck.

Under normal top and heavy bottom floral skirt should not be exaggerated lush and bright in color. Choose dark colors and moderate scale prints. The design of the skirt is not bell, not tight, fit – not flying. The form should subside quietly, not drawing attention to themselves pleats or ruffles.


Long denim skirt

Long skirt from denim for a complete woman – model dangerous, requiring great care in combining. When any structure figures should not be flared silhouette, because denim and without the heavy material and visual weighting the part of the body on which it is located. Best option – denim skirt, slightly diverging downwards, but not tight thighs and buttocks. If you weight is concentrated in the upper part of the body, denim skirt should have an emphasis on the bottom, for example, it may be a small year or asymmetry of the edge, which will draw attention to themselves.


Asymmetrical long skirt

Long skirt of any material can be asymmetric, and this model will become a huge asset for women. Asymmetry emphasizes the individuality of the silhouette makes the image dynamics and allows you to visually reconstruct the shape. If the skirt is straight and tight, the weight would be too obvious. In the case of asymmetry surrounding first pay attention to the unusual cut of the skirt, and completeness may not even notice.

Wearing long skirts asymmetrical cut is a sure way to shift the focus not only on the top lush body parts, but also to divert attention from heavy hips, if symmetry is concentrated at the edge of the skirt.

Choose the model interesting, but in the original measure. Asymmetrical skirt should be a little shorter models in the floor, they can open the ankle, for example, in the form of hi-lo. The top of these skirts should be terse, not necessarily monotone, but best of all is smooth and without expressed volumes.

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