длинные сарафаны в полIn the summer, during holidays, fashion becomes especially free and relaxed. Simple silhouettes, flowing fabrics and bright prints are the main signs of summer fashion. Long sundresses in the floor can be called ideal for the hot season: they are very comfortable even in extreme heat, they are impressive looking and almost all go.


Eternal beauty

длинные сарафаныLong sundresses in sex is not just a fad last season. This is a real treasure in the world of fashion, clothes that can qualify for the title of things outside of fashion.

Such tunics were worn by women in ancient times, wore them today for recreation, outdoors, in the big cities. Sundresses in the floor comfortable and versatile, they are relevant both day and evening, on a walk, a picnic, and on a date. Perhaps, only in the office in these sundresses do not, and for sports they are unsuitable. In other situations, hot summer best clothes to be found.

Long skirts and sundresses are deprived of aggressive sexuality, which is inherent in mini-skirts. Such clothing is exclusively feminine, but quite modest and restrained. Unobtrusive attractiveness of such things leads many girls to choose sundresses in the floor.

This length is suitable for women of any age and with any figure. Successfully masking the shortcomings of the Constitution, long sundresses emphasize the advantages. They distract the views from widish hips or protruding tummy, focusing on the chest and neck.



сарафаны длиной в полCommon in long dresses to the floor, perhaps only one of their length, which can be up to the ankle and below. The rest of the possible variations. For example, the dress can be sewn from thick fabric, knitted fabrics, fine cotton, linen or even silk. The last three options are particularly prevalent, and no wonder – in such sundresses not hot even in the most intense heat.

The cut may also be varied. Most popular flared model. In the upper part they can be free, slightly fitted or with a high waistline. And skirts are always loose, flowing, flying. Sometimes these tunics are flounces at the bottom – these shuttlecocks swaying in the lightest winds approach and give the image of lightness.

Sundresses with thin straps look very sexy. Linen under such models wear is not accepted, so this option is for owners of small Breasts in good shape. Sundress with wide straps – a more General model allowing for the wearing of a bra. The wider the straps, the more strictly looks sundress.

Sundresses in the floor without straps perfectly accentuate the beautiful shoulders and neck. This style is hardly suitable for owners of large Breasts. With caution should try on these dresses and girls with very narrow or sloping shoulders.

длинные летние сарафаныOften sundresses on the floor doing one-shoulder-loop and open back. This style visually narrows the shoulders. He will most likely not fit girls with full hands and chest, as underlined by these features of the physique.

Sundress is by definition open-clothes. But some models leave open only the back, covering most of the chest area. These sundresses are tall and long-necked girls. All the rest is better to choose tunics with V-neck.

Skinny girls can afford absolutely any color. Girls with forms it is better to avoid large prints, preferring the smaller ornaments. However, large pattern would look on a curvy figure advantageous, if it is correctly positioned vertically or diagonally. But horizontal finish full girls should avoid.


For any occasion

покрой сарафанов в полCut sundresses in the floor is usually the easiest. Sometimes the model is decorated with Drapes on the chest, sometimes decorated with ruffles at the top or at the hem, sometimes doing double-layer. But in General loose and relaxed style sundresses assumes the maximum simplicity of the cut.

But the fabric can be bright and even very bright. Large geometric patterns, Paradise flowers & birds, luxurious ornaments and blurred floral prints – a lot of options. The line between sundresses to evening wear and casual models is very conditional. The same dress can be worn from morning to evening, adding different accessories.

So, for a morning hike to the beach sundress can be supplemented sandals on a flat sole, a roomy bag and straw hat. And for an evening out useful bright jewelry, elegant shoes and a stylish clutch. If there’s a cool breeze, on top of dress you can always wear a Bolero or a thin cardiganto match the dress in color.


Suitable shoes

сарафаны в пол для летаUsually sundresses in sex is not recommended to wear with dressy shoes on high thin heels. Relaxed soft style long dress does not fit well with sophisticated clean lines of such shoes or sandals. However, this does not mean that long sundresses contraindicated any shoes with heels. Sandals, clogs, shoes with stable heels will perfectly complement feminine dress is made of flowing fabrics. If you really want to try to dress fancy shoes, then you should complement the outfit with jewelry and expensive accessories that will turn a sundress into a kind evening dresses.

Long sundress blends and shoes with flat soles. Sandals of all styles, flip flops, flip-flops in the tone of an outfit or neutral shades will look great complete with a long flowing robe. If possible it is better to choose shoes with no protruding decorative elements that can cling to when you walk over hem of the sundress.

Shoes can choose to match the dress or contrast. Better if it will be fine: coarse sandals should choose sandals with interwoven straps, ribbons, beautiful ornaments in the area of the instep.

Dmitry Anokhin

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