Manicure is not only beautiful nails, but the most important part of the image. Dictating their rules, modern society does not accept groomed nails and lack of manicure. This Canon applies not only to women, but to all men, taking into account all the details of his appearance.

Today, fans of quality manicure is not necessary to go to salons. Buying all the necessary tools, you can easily create long-term and high-quality manicure.
Долгосрочный маникюр в домашних условиях
As for the nail, then without quality ultraviolet lamps not do. With its help you can easily dried gel lacquers. Today UV-lamp for gel lacquer buy cheap many online stores specializing in the sale of tools for building. When selecting such a lamp is useful to pay attention to the power, startup type, the presence of a timer, as well as the number of light bulbs.

Such characteristics of UV lamps largely depend on your needs. For example, to achieve professional quality using liquid gels necessary lamp with high power. For normal gels enough use of the UV lamp, which power does not exceed 6 Watt.
Долгосрочный маникюр в домашних условиях3
For the beginners created a special UV lamps with tunnel where you can dry nail on both hands simultaneously. Thus, we can accelerate the process of building. For home use is better to give preference compact UV devices with one light bulb from leading manufacturers in the nail industry. For professional use such devices, of course, will not do. In this case, it is wiser to buy a UV light, which has several light bulbs. Using such a device polymerization gel lacquers takes the least time.

Those who already is not a beginner in this case you should pay attention to LED bulbs, which have been established to implement any design imagination. These lamps have a number of advantages compared to conventional ultraviolet lamps.

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