Wonderful option clothes for the cold season is the coat. This part of the wardrobe great for the image of a business person, decorating strict official style.

Designers offer a wide range of men’s coats, all kinds of its models allow to use a completely different styles, not only classical, but also urban style is casual. To winter men’s coat look stylish and fashionable, must surely pick him up, and it is not always easy.

Coat length
Выглядеть красиво и элегантно очень просто1
In each store presents options for all kinds of lengths short or below the knee. Long model looks very solid and officially, they had to comply with the status of men aged. Also this option is perfect for men high, making visually growth below. However, when driving a car length will cause inconvenience.

A more practical and comfortable to wear are considered short coat, as they allow to save the hem of pure in wet, dirty weather.

Cut coat

Large selection of models offers various cuts of this type of service. Однобортное winter men’s coats are usually not buttoning, it is ideally suited to classical style. Double-breasted, with the double row of buttons, has a bourgeois views. Coat-of Raglan, which has wide sleeves, turn-down collar and five buttons fastened on the left side, it’s very popular among the fashionable and stylish young people. Далкот is the convenience and comfort of its available edge didn’t break stride movements.

Coat color
Выглядеть красиво и элегантно очень просто3
For any event great classic colors – black, grey, dark blue. Being combined with any style in clothes, they for a long time retains a decent appearance. Bright and vivid colors of the coat can afford only those who are able and likes to pick up and combine things of his wardrobe, holders of impeccable taste.

Thus, proper coat give the image of men of a certain severity, and деловитой elegance.

Article publication date: October 31, 2013

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