рассыпчатая пудраSmooth, Matt, but it seemed to be glowing from the inside skin is a dream of many women. The nature of such skin gets only a few. Other to achieve the desired effect helps ordinary loose powder. One of the oldest cosmetics, invented in Ancient Egypt, the powder still remains a necessity.


The history of sugar

преимущества рассыпчатой пудрыEven ancient Egyptian beauties dreaming of smooth and delicate complexion, had the idea to use loose powder. Later the invention of white lead, which gave the skin a delicate porcelain shade and slowly but surely poisoned the woman. White clay, legumes and rice flour, ochre, crushed into a fine powder pearls, silk – for the manufacture of powder was used a variety of ingredients.

Compact powder appeared much later than crumbly. This new product immediately relished the women. But many began to use compact powder not only to fix my makeup during the day, but in all other cases. This is wrong: for quality makeup should be used loose powder, which allows you to create a light, thin and delicate floors.

For many centuries powder was used not only for giving the skin a Matt appearance, but also to correct the complexion. White skin was considered a sign of noble birth, and girls carefully whitewashed faces to look like an aristocrat. In the twentieth century the situation has changed: the fashion is rapidly entered tanned skin. Accordingly, changed and powder – they became darker, closer in color to a perfect complexion. There was also a special “zagarnia” powder that gives the skin the right shade and powder with glitter to give the effect of radiance. But the main purpose face powder is masking the deficiencies of the skin, giving it a Matt appearance.


The advantages and disadvantages of loose powder

Loose powder is difficult to carry and use “on the run” – it is usually Packed in bulk boxes and requires not only special brushes, and neat, thoughtful application. In addition, fine powder is easy to oversleep. But it is perhaps the only drawback of this kind of cosmetics. The advantages of the same powder lot:

  • That powder perfectly captures the eye make-up gives the tonal tool to spread;
  • Loose powder cover your face evenly – it is no coincidence that professional makeup artists use only by it;
  • On top of a thin layer of powder fit well other cosmetic product – blush, eye shadow, eyeliners and lip. Powder makeup makes more persistent;
  • Loose powder gives the face a matte finish and evens the complexion;
  • Modern powder skincare. Manufacturers add to it extracts useful plants, oil and even crushed mother of pearl or microparticles of precious metals. Thanks to UV filter powder additionally protects the face from harmful sun rays.


Usage rules

использование рассыпчатой пудрыIncorrectly applied loose powder accumulates in the pores and wrinkles, emphasizing them in this way. It is therefore very important to be able to apply the powder. Make it simple, the main thing is to remember a few rules.

Put loose powder only on well moisturized skin cream. The cream needs to be absorbed completely, otherwise the powder will fall unevenly. The same rule must be complied with even if the powder is used as a finish coating after application of the Foundation: it is necessary to wait until the Foundation is absorbed into the skin.

In any case it is impossible to put powder on wet, oily or sweaty face – first to wet skin, dry cloth. Otherwise smooth coating will not work.

It is important to use a good broad brush for applying the powder. To save on the brushes makeup artists do not recommend this tool depends a lot. On the brush recruited a small amount of powder, the excess shaken off. After that, the powder lightly applied to the skin. It is important to apply the powder from the top down, otherwise it will emphasize vellus hair on the face, and the skin will look sloppy.

оттенки рассыпчатой пудрыShade of powder should match the skin tone or be one shade lighter, otherwise the face will look unnatural. Although powder and cannot be used as a toning funds, because the layer is very thin, if the shade is different from the skin tone, it is very noticeable. For skin with cold pinkish undertone will not fit yellowish powder, and owners of leather Golden or yellowish better to abandon the powder pink.

Excess powder is removed by using a clean brush was enough to hold her skin, which was accidentally applied too thick a layer of makeup. To use the wipes in this situation is not recommended powder will fade unevenly, delicate porcelain effect will be negated.


Unusual effects

In modern powder is often added reflective particles, microblade or particles of mother-of-pearl – they are invisible on the skin, but to give the face a well-groomed appearance. The skin after the use of such powders literally glows, minor defects become invisible. Such a powder can be applied in a thin layer all over the face or underline with it, cheekbones, cheeks, forehead.

Modeling the shape of the face is a difficult art, but if desired, it can master each. Dealing with skin powder of different shades you can visually change the facial features, the nose seemed thinner, and cheekbones higher. In this case, first applied to the skin powder base color, and then applied darker or lighter powder on the areas that you want to hide or, on the contrary, to emphasize. It is very important to carefully shade border colors to the face look natural and not gave the impression of a mask.

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