Not much time left before the New Year. Girls already start thinking about your holiday way, a lot of important value, which plays slender figure. And here the problems begin. Extra pounds do not give sleep, and the holiday is approaching. Do not despair! Got a few months to get in shape. The main thing – to act and nothing to do tomorrow. So, what should consist of weight loss program.


Each person has a unique body and your body type. Similarly the problem areas and the girls will be different. Someone concerned about their hips, someone droops the stomach, and someone found the orange peel on the feet. Taking into account these features and need to pick up a set of exercises.

A useful addition to the trips to the pool or running. Swimming will accelerate the process of getting rid of excess weight by burning accumulated fat and running – great tool to get rid of negative emotions. This is not the only option. You can still visit a dance, yoga, Pilates, bike out in the woods or just to ride around the city. Everyone chooses something for everyone.

Setting a goal to lose weight need to healthy lifestyle and his companion. So, together you will be more fun, moreover, no place of laziness, because everyone is going to spur on the movement in times of recession. Be prepared for the fact that doing sports and following a healthy diet, it is likely that your volume will decrease and consequently will need to update your wardrobe. It is possible to take an existing dress, but her husband will need to buy jeans on the figure.


In any case it is impossible to push your body a cruel and debilitating diets. Proven not on one person, when too rapid weight loss, there is a high probability the same quick return. You should lose weight gradually, without depriving the body of nutrients and products in which he daily needs.

Here are a few conditions for proper weight loss:

  • meals preferably divided into five or six times. Portions should be small;
  • Breakfast is a must. The body needs to recharge with energy in the morning;
  • to supper two hours before bedtime.
  • you need to eat moderately, not overeating;
  • for the normal metabolism people need to consume sufficient liquids. The best option – and a half or two liters of water a day;
  • for the period of weight loss need to forget about fast food, sweet drinks, baked goods;
  • consumption of carbohydrates is better to move the first half of the day;
  • once a week to do fasting day.

Beauty treatments

Hung out toxins from the body, help the sauna. Don’t forget about the massage. Experienced specialists will help to get rid of the phenomenon of orange peel. To make the skin taut, with the help of body wraps. They can be done in the beauty salon and at home. The main thing with weight loss is motivation.

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