быстрое похудение на мочегонных средствах

In the fight against overweight women are ready for any sacrifice. It’s much easier to take a strong diuretic and to quickly lose 1-2 kg, than to restrict caloric intake, to give up your favorite dishes and active sports. However, diuretics for weight loss is “heavy artillery”, which causes a powerful and devastating blow when they are uncontrolled and unjustified admission. We must understand that the body gets rid of water, which is vital to the body, and fat remain in their places. To abuse this effect is not worth it, but for emergency cases (for example, to evening dress on tomorrow’s date sat perfectly) you can adopt.

Diuretic pills for weight loss

Synthetic diuretics are used in the form of tablets and solution for injection for medical reasons. Used diuretics to relieve swelling, edema hypertensive crisis and help patients with some diseases of the kidneys, liver, heart. Reception – only on prescription and under the supervision of a physician, as there are multiple side effects and contraindications.

препараты диуретики для снижения весаThe most popular, powerful and inexpensive diuretic drug that losing weight is often adopt – furosemide. It is used even by bodybuilders and athletes during the drying of the bodyto quickly lose weight before the competition and to get to the right weight group. Receiving just one tablet allows you to lose up to 2 kg of weight in just a few hours. This feature has adopted women seeking slim figure in any way.

If you want to lose weight with furosemide, need to remember that more than 2-3 days it can not be applied. Enough to drink one tablet a day, preferably in the morning. The action will begin 20-40 minutes. If the effect is minor, and you rarely go toilet, then you can have a drink in the middle of the day another tablet. This method is undesirable, it is pointless and even dangerous to practice too often.

Herbal diuretics for weight loss

Many herbs have strong diuretic properties. They are used in the form of infusions, decoctions, teas and alcoholic liquors. However, a really good and long lasting weight reduction effect is achieved only in conjunction with a low calorie diet. Dietary restrictions result in the breakdown of fats, and natural diuretics promote soft and natural excretion of degradation products from the body. Here are the most well-known plants.

мочегонные растения и травы

  1. Corn silk – reduce appetite, improve metabolism, contain essential oils and vitamins. Applied in the form of teas and alcoholic extracts.
  2. The rosehip is rich in vitamins, potassium and pectin. Relieves swelling, eliminates toxins and toxins, normalizes blood circulation. Brewed as tea.
  3. Simalube – enhances immunity, lowers glucose levels, improves metabolic processes. The infusion of this herb has the most mild diuretic effect.
  4. Dandelion – improves digestion, regulates water and electrolyte balance, helps cleanse the body. Good effect infusions, decoctions and salads.
  5. Guarana – used as an extract from the seeds, which you can buy at a pharmacy or retailer of sports nutrition. Increases the effect of athletic training.

Traditional recipes suggest the use of diuretic and other well-known herbs for slimming complex, combining them in various gatherings. Here are some effective options.

Recipe 1. Mix 3 parts of fennel seeds and 1 part calendula, peppermint, elderflower, Linden flowers. Spoon collection pour a glass of hot water and infuse for half an hour. Strain and drink 50 ml 2-3 times a day.

Recipe 2. Take 2 parts dandelion, parsley and nettles and 1 mint and fennel seeds. A teaspoon of the mixture brew a Cup of boiling water and drink as tea after a meal, no more cups per day.

Recipe 3. Mix in equal parts immortelle, St. John’s wort, birch buds and chamomile. Two tablespoons of herbs poured a liter of boiling water. Take on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime.

Recipe 4. An infusion or tea made from the leaves of bearberry and cowberry. Has anti-inflammatory and a good diuretic effect. Drink half a Cup 3 times a day.

Foods and beverages that provide a diuretic effect

Tea, whether green or black, has many advantages. It has a tonic and cleansing effect on the body. Use a tea and as a diuretic for weight loss. So, Chinese Oolong tea fond of losing weight because it reduces the feeling of hunger, improves digestion, helps to speed up metabolism. The rejection of the excesses in eating, exercise and 3-4 cups of this drink a day is the right way to harmony and beauty.

молокочай как мочегонное средство

To lose during the fasting day on monocoque from 0.5 to 2 kg weight For drink preparation there are two ways: the English version and the classic. In the first case in a Cup filled with milk and added a strong brew. The second tea is brewed in boiling milk. If you don’t like the taste of tea, you can try to drink slimming coffee Turboslima”. Is issued by Evalar and sold in pharmacies. This combination of aromatic Arabica coffee and herbal extracts. Also a good diuretic effect have some products:

Abuse of diuretics for weight loss can lead to dehydration and, as a consequence, the deterioration of the skin, hair, nails. Case that together with water the body will inevitably lose many nutrients, including potassium and magnesium, which enable the normal functioning of the heart and nervous system. In addition, all diuretics, even plants and herbs have many contraindications, so taking them you should definitely coordinate with the attending physician.


Galina, 44 years. Constantly trying to control weight. Therefore happened on advertising Goji berries. Bought a whole kilogram. Cut 3 months, brewed according to the instructions. The effect of zero, however feel better, less nervous. Began to add them by the handful in the compote. Once the loss has no effect, let the family drink vitamins.

Alina, 29 years. All my life I suffer from excess weight 78 kg with height 160 see I have Tried all the diets. The benefits of celery for the harmony I told the trainer. Began to make the salad, then to cook soups. Gradually got involved, now even like. Excluded baked and sweet. For the three months lost 11 kg easy and comfortable to eat almost didn’t want. I’ll continue.

Anna, 31. Decided to lose weight with coffee Turboslima. Purchased at the pharmacy and started to drink the instructions. The result was disappointing. Constantly have an upset stomach was all twisted. I don’t know, as a diuretic, laxative effect but very strong.


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