What girl doesn’t dream of a long, furry eyelashes? With them view is becoming more deep and expressive. Become the possessors chic lashes naturally not all succeeded. But it can be fixed, thanks to the recently emerged procedure eyelash. Who else has experienced it for yourself, some still wondering: is it worth it? The result of this procedure is obvious – it is beautiful and not have to spend time painting and flushing of carcasses. However, not every lady should be conducted experiments on himself. The building, like all cosmetic services, there are contraindications. If the eyes are prone to allergic reactions, then it is better to refuse, especially if it’s an Allergy to glue. The propensity to conjunctivitis lashes will not hold. Moreover, together with them, most likely, will fall and natural. If the skin on the eyelids oily, then eyelashes, too, will not hold.
Шикарные ресницы – реально3
Materials for eyelash you can take a natural or synthetic. Most salons works with natural hair fur or silk, they are less allergenic than the synthetic. The procedure is simple, but tedious. To the base of the native eyelash glue hairs, with special glue. Hairs are short, medium-length and long. Use of the material medium length will help achieve the effect of lush lashes, and they will look as natural. Glue can choose either black or colorless. Black creates the effect of eyeliner on century. If successful, the capacity eyelashes may be carried 2-3 months, but every 2-3 weeks to make the correction.
Шикарные ресницы – реально
Deciding to build lashes need to remember that they are afraid of fat. Therefore, it is necessary to abandon the use of creams for age and oil. You should not RUB eyes. And in General, to touch them as rarely as possible. And in no case should curl your lashes. Before deciding on the extension of eyelashes, взвешайте all «for» and «against». Think, are you willing to sacrifice their family eyelashes.

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