лимфодренаж лицаMake a person more smooth, clean swelling, eye bags and give the skin a fresh and luminous will help lymphatic facial. If desired, this technique can easily master of the house, for those who want to get the effective professional help, there is always treatments in the beauty centre, which includes a method of manual lymphatic drainage and hardware technology. House drainage it is easy to do, but we have to be careful in movements, in order not to stretch the thin skin around the eyes and not to provoke wrinkles and premature sagging.


Why lymphatic facial

Lymphatic drainage is necessary if you regularly see all the signs of violation of water exchange in the face. In the morning you can hardly open your eyes and not always from the desire to sleep still – edema on the lower and upper eyelids obvious and not always comes after you Wake up and wash with cool water. Noticeable swelling is often present in the lower part of the face, creating unsightly chin and lowered her cheeks. These symptoms are often accompanied pale complexion, no lights, uneven skin tone, which can look through spider veins and visible enlarged pores.

Violation of the moisture balance in the body rarely goes separately without the other associated problems. If coupled with swelling of the face you have other skin problems, acne, visible vascular mesh, rosacea, this is a reason not to experiment with lymphatic drainage independently, and to see a specialist.

Lymphatic facial always implies a massage, so the procedure is often called the “lymphatic drainage massage”. It can be performed by hand, and hardware. The procedure is performed by a qualified beautician (not the usual massage therapist), because the massage to restore the circulation of lymph always includes traffic on a particular route” on the face.

Before drainage area of the face and neck is cleared from make-up and lipid film, it is a gel or cream that improves slip on leather. Next is a light pressure on supraclavicular lymph nodes, which stimulates the flow of lymph. Now the doctor is arming special tubes, depending on the type of massage and indications. Less lymphatic drainage is performed manually, and increasingly it is performed as a technique of hardware cosmetology.

Vacuum drainage of the person with very high efficiency, but when working probes with vacuum nozzles is important to monitor the pressure, otherwise you may injure tissue and skin.

When the vacuum lymphatic drainage effect is seen immediately, it also clears pores, improves circulation. Sparing effect microcurrent lymphatic drainage, which is shown to people with a heightened sensitivity to mechanical manipulations. Roller LPG massage lymphatic drainage similar in intensity with vacuum, because the tissue well massaged and warmed up. This lymphatic drainage is captured skin fold of different thickness (following automatic machine settings). The most important thing for any type of drainage the following massage in a particular way, the lines of which are directed from the middle of the face to its contours.


Indications for lymphatic facial

  • dullness and lack of radiance;
  • uneven skin texture;
  • small scars, scars, post-acne;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • the first signs of aging;
  • the loose, sagging skin;
  • body fat in the cheeks and chin;
  • swelling of the eyelids, bags and dark circles under the eyes.


Contraindications to the lymphatic facial

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • inflammation of the lymph nodes in the place of treatment;
  • the presence of any tumors;
  • herpes;
  • acne active;
  • pustular education on the face;
  • wounds and cuts on skin;
  • the aggravation of infectious diseases;
  • disorders of blood coagulability;
  • cardiovascular lesions of the third degree;
  • close vessels on the face;
  • tuberculosis.

Lymphatic facial is done on a course, to achieve the maximum effect for the first year should take about fifteen procedures. If you plan to go lymphatic drainage as prevention, you will need not more than one treatment in two to three months. It is important to remember that lymphodrenage persons held in the clinic requires regularity, and the exchange rate, up half a dozen procedures, involves at least three days break between them. Otherwise, you are “rolled back and not get the desired effect.

To maintain the result of lymphatic facial, you need to live a healthy lifestyle that includes regular light exercise and a healthy diet with reduced fatty, spicy, salty foods, which triggers the appearance of edema and lymph.

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