Excellent manicure can not only make your hands beautiful, but creates the final touch to a woman.
Well-groomed hands give confidence. With a beautiful manicure not ashamed to appear in a large community or, for example, go to some Georgian restaurant.
Делаем красивый маникюр3
To take care of the nails is a very laborious process, but the procedure itself is a pleasure. The first condition for performing manicures are properly selected, quality nail files. With iron chips buy is not recommended. For brittle nails is better to buy a fine nail file with a buffer zone. Sand or sapphire facilities suitable for strengthened nails.

You cannot file your nails when they are wet. This can lead to stratification. Also leads to shearing in different directions. The shape of the nail is determined depending on the type of fingers. Thin fingers will match beautifully with square nails. But in other cases you can use the best option is a rounded oval shape.

The next step in obtaining a beautiful manicure is a cuticle treatment. Her crop is not required. You can just wet the surface and move the special tool.

Now let’s talk about the application of the varnish. For a start, be applied lacquer base. It will give a smooth and a deeper tint. For “summer” and “winter” types of women are more cold tone, while others warm. Dark varnish is recommended only for perfect nails. The roughness of the nail also emphasize pearly shades.
Делаем красивый маникюр2
To begin it is necessary to paint with the Central part of the nail, and the remains of paint on the brush evenly distributed along the edges. Similarly, make a second layer.
To make a beautiful manicure anyone can. The main thing is to have suitable facilities.

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