Perfect nails are not only beautiful, but also fashionable. For this beauty watched almost all of the girls. Beauty and charm are nails – a great accessory that perfectly complements the image and gives confidence. Care should be regular, to maintain the beauty and hygiene.
Of course, to take care of the nails and you can own, and to properly do need to attend training courses manicure pedicure here, will help and teach you how to properly monitor the health, beauty nails, hands and feet. To begin with, you need to have in order to make a good manicure and pedicure. Need liquid varnish remover, wadding (cotton pads), a means to soften the cuticles (do not use if there is damage), cuticle oil, means for skin hydration, a bowl with warm water, nail Polish, base and top coat of varnish. Also need a professional tool, such as a nail file, nail to choose the degree of rigidity, cuticle need blade, nail clippers, pumice foot, nail file foot brush.
Делаем модный маникюр и педикюр этого сезона2
Let’s start with a manicure. The first thing to do is to remove nail Polish, handle the nail, to give it form. After nail treatment, lubricate the cuticle tool to soften the cuticles. Prepare small dishes (bath) with warm water, add a little gel or liquid soap, a pinch of sea salt and a few drops of essential oil. Nails keep in the water no more than five minutes. The cuticle to raise gently with a spatula, crop tongs burrs and cuticles. We must act very slowly and carefully monitor so as not to damage the skin. Nail Polish, wipe the liquid varnish remover. The nail is ready to apply varnish. The first layer draw a Foundation, the second layer of lacquer, and then use the fixer, which will give extra Shine. The varnish is dry, you can now put a little cuticle oil and grease hand moisturizer.
Делаем модный маникюр и педикюр этого сезона1
Before making pedicure, thoroughly wash his feet, to remove nail Polish. To do pedicures preferably once in eight or ten days, to maintain the beauty and softness of the skin required. Prepare the foot bath. Water should be warm, which add a small amount of liquid soap or gel, and a pinch of sea salt. Legs keep in the water about twenty minutes. Feet carefully wiped. To handle the cuticles and nails with pliers, shape and Polish. Remove the rough skin pumice and scrubs foot. After the treatment the skin, moisten the skin. Before varnishing on the nail surface treat liquid varnish remover. Apply a basis, then varnish and fixer. Once the varnish dries feet grease and cuticles to use nourishing cream.

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