база под макияжAn ideal base for make-up is your second skin, or something personal photoshop tool that allows you to mask any shortcomings and to emphasize the benefits. If you want your skin to look perfect – without a good, relevant to your skin type, the base is simply not enough.

Each person’s skin has a set of unique individual characteristics, and choosing cosmetics or skin care products, we will consider these features. A make-up base, as well as variety of other tools designed for different skin types.

What kinds base for make-up offers us modern cosmetic industry and how to determine what type of products suitable for your skin?

Each kind of a make-up base designed with a specific purpose (as a rule, this goal is indicated on the package). Some tools are equipped with additional functions and can act as a sunscreen, have a moisturising, firming and so on. A make-up base there are also the consistency, type of coverage and composition.


Liquid make-up base

The most popular type of a make-up base today can be described as a means of liquid consistence. Depending on the composition, it can provide either easy or coverage. Liquid formulation of such a framework are perfect for dry skin and combination skin. At a fat skin liquid base can be used if the product does not include oil. An ideal base for make-up liquid formula gives the skin a fresh and healthy look.


Tone moisturizing makeup base

база под макияжMoisturizing liquid Foundation evens skin tone, without overloading it. Such funding can be considered moisturizing products, than a classic base under make-up, usually moisturizing cream Foundation is used to even skin tone and masking certain shortcomings. In principle, this product is suitable for any skin type, however if you have too twinkling skin or many shortcomings, which need to be corrected, this type of base for make-up is not right for you. Moisturizing cream Foundation is ideal for natural makeup, improve cosmetic effect and give the skin matte, you can use the powder.


Make-up base on cream basis

Creamy makeup base recommended for Mature skin. Creamy form helps to achieve the long-term effects, especially in combination with powder. Cream-base provide a very lasting and coverage, such a formula of the ideal skin with multiple disabilities (uneven skin tone, freckles, spots). Base for make-up on cream basis, the most suitable dry skin, oily skin from such funds should be abandoned. Some companies are releasing cream powder, products, combining functions tone means and матирующей powder.


Spray – make-up base

A make-up base in the form of a spray is not the most common way, but lately its popularity is definitely growing up. Spray allows to achieve even skin tone. If you like to experiment – try spray-base, but the same result can be achieved through more traditional means.


Solid Foundation

база под макияжSolid base under make-up (pressed or in the form of a stick) provides the most coverage, professional makeup artists use this framework in the make-up body and movie stars. Thick and dense formula solid foundations quite successfully can replace concealer, however, experts do not recommend these tools for everyday use, especially women with dry skin. Too heavy consistency solid foundations clogs the pores, so that means it is not suitable for acne-prone skin and formation of pimples.


Powder make-up base

Make-up base on into powdery basis, the most popular and beloved women view basis. Powder Foundation looks very well on oily skin, providing coverage of the average density. Powder Foundation is perfect for those cases, if you just tweak the makeup.

Most of the mineral cosmetics are produced in the form of powder.


Use a make-up base

база под макияжBefore buying a makeup base, determine the type of your skin. Regardless of the formula tinting or masking tool, make sure that the product will not cause acne and has hypoallergenic formula.

Choose a base under make-up, be sure to pay attention to the color tools, choose the tone of the closest color to the natural color of the face.

The main principle of applying a base for make-up – the even and smooth coating, without excessive glitter effect «plaster».

  • First of all, clear face of dirt and traces of old make-up, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Apply a moisturizer with SPF about half an hour before the application of a make-up base. It is very important that the skin is well hydrated, then the base will fall flat and neat layer.
  • Excess moisture cream remove with a damp cloth, then apply a few drops of base on the cheeks, chin, forehead and the tip of their noses, then carefully blend well. Pay special attention to the areas around the hair line and jaw.
  • Then blot the face with a napkin, moistened in a binder lotion, this will help achieve a steady and matte finish. Evaluate the impact of the daylight.

If the Foundation has thickened or dried, just discard it and buy a new one.

You should not use the database of one tone in winter and summer. Due to different climatic conditions, skin care needs correction, including change of corrective and masking tools.

If you want to achieve more light and transparent coating, spray basis with sponge, if you apply the tools fingertips – get more coverage.

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