макияж для блондинокBeautiful makeup for blondes requires sensitivity and excellent knowledge of the laws of color balance. Slightly more saturated color shadows or thick line liner spoil the impression, and the blonde beauty be rude and defiant. The aim is not to paint, namely to emphasize the natural data of a woman who may have different shade of hair and eye color. Must remember this as themselves holders of bright ringlets, and the master who take responsibility for themselves to make them more beautiful.

Perfect makeup for blondes depends on the case, from the natural color type, from the determination of the girls Shine smoky makeup, attracting views, or stay as a more natural, that is always an honor.

Whatever цветотип, saturation blond and eye shade, none of the competent visagiste will suggest to the fair-haired women to apply eyeliner pencil with a thick line. Natural makeup-blondes – it is possible approximation of color cosmetics to the natural data. The deep blue shadows remained far back in the seventies-eighties, but in everyday life they are suitable for photo shootings, fashion shows or evening wear. But in such images more theatricality, which in everyday life can take away the impression of a woman with such shadows in the other direction are quite remote from the sphere of art and modern fashion.


Light make-up-blondes – a natural way of pledge

What makeup perfect blondes? First of all pay attention to the muted colors: gray, gray-brown, khaki, olive, purple, soft purple. All shades should be soft, deep tone is better to leave brunettes or entrust them to a professional makeup artist, which will help to create image of social events.

Is permissible whether bright makeup for blondes? Yes, but the brightness better place in the upper part of the face and lips. Please note, as a dyed many Hollywood stars that appear on the red carpet. Cameron Diaz Charlize Theron and other famous blonde often choose rich red lipstick, leaving forever barely touched the ink. The right makeup for blondes, which is going on the way out is to focus rather on the lips, not on eye – brunettes all on the contrary.

In some styles of relevance to ethnic ways that often requires brightness and expression on his face. Owner bright curls worry: is East makeup-blondes – moveton. Of course not, but for his perfect and faultless need to recreate the correct selection of colors, ideal to цветотипу. Makeup for ash blondes in this case should be in earthy colours, close to the cold. It is quite another thing if a girl has a natural or acquired through deft hands hairdresser Golden locks or solar tint. Fashionable make-up for blondes in Oriental style tolerate and even welcomed the presence of bronze, gold, terracotta, coral, but all within reason.

Many are concerned about is whether the makeup for natural blonde from CSOs, worn by women with acquired a shade of ash or Golden blond? Yes and no, but not due to the characteristics of the hair color. If a girl does not stain the hair its natural color, usually not such a bright and expressive, so rich shades, dark shadows, juicy lipstick can make an image overloaded and completely невместным. Day makeup-blondes of this type is barely noticeable presence of a clear gloss on the lips, lung shadows, smoky grey or deaf brown shades. Eyeliner – grey or коричнеый, for evening you can use color, such as purple, pale blue, khaki or emerald green.

Makeup artists who perform wedding makeup for blondes, often used for eye shades of pink, beige or gray mixed on the eyelids with a pearly glow to the three-dimensional effect. In choosing exactly this color gamut is viewed respect to the natural beauty and solemnity, after the wedding does not tolerate vulgar, especially from the bride. Here bright lipstick rare, favorites become purple, pink or Golden beige. For expressive eye makeup is often used eyeliner on the upper eyelid, recreating a luxurious feminine style of the fifties. All the same principles apply when you need to perform everyday makeup for blondes. Smoky eyes and red lips is not what is needed to enhance the beauty.


A stunning makeover-blondes – tips from professionals

Makeup for blondes somewhat different from makeup for women of a different color hair. The owners of light hair often blond eyelashes, and this means that they should use a lighter ink, to not look unnatural. Blondes better to choose colors that are close to natural, to make not like the clown make-up.

Concealer is best to choose a reflective, with a Golden hue, or pink, to give warmth of skin color.

Blondes fit delicate colors eyeshadow especially if his blue eyes. In this case, suitable shadows from a light grey to copper, perhaps, apricot. For green eyes suit plum or pinkish-lilac shadows. Blonde with brown eyes, best blue or neutral shade.

A small amount of light peach blush complete makeover. You can also apply бронзант whiskey and cheeks.

Emphasize lip pencil flesh color and apply multiple layers of light pink or bodily lipstick.

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