тенденции макияжаSeasonal makeup does not remain aloof from fashionable trends and trends. Каждыйраз makeup artists, as well as designers offer us a try on new images, experiment with new colors and styles. What’s new offers us the fashion industry in the field of makeup winter 2014?


Fashion trends

тенденции макияжа 2014Following the most striking trends of the upcoming 2014 winter season, in the make-up there are two most vibrant areas: grunge style and the style of 40-ies of the last century. Many of the images are based on the brown and neutral shades, in the center of attention aristocratic pale skin combined with bright red lips in the style of 40’s or the fashionable makeup in the grunge style.

A very important role in this season’s play eyebrows. Perhaps not least, make-up artists were inspired by the expressive wide eyebrows incredibly popular lately model Cara Delevin, but whatever it was this winter, in a fashion wide natural eyebrows.

тенденции макияжа 2014Style grunge fashion distinguishes the complexity and inconsistency, and in make-up – a special expressiveness. To brave the hair in the style of punk, spines and заклепкам help you with densely penciled black eyes, combined with pale skin. Grunge make – up is, first of all «smoky eyes» and a clear line of eyeliner on the eyelids.

Now that the season of «smoky eyes» not out of fashion, but following the fashion trends, today this option makeup goes beyond the traditional black color. Modern trends offer us a try, dark blue, purple or violet tint, with metallic Shine.

тенденции макияжа 2014Eyeliner is absolutely a must have for this season. Cosmetic companies offer a wide range of pencils, eye-liners of different properties. If you like the style grunge, boldly approach the eyes and don’t regret mascara as a fan of the style of 40’s make-up artists offer emphasize eyelids elegant thin arrows.

Displays of collections of the forthcoming winter season 2014 combined with natural minimal makeup. This effect is achieved with the shadows of the earth, and copper tones, which is applied on the surface of the century, the view becomes a warm and radiant.


New trends

тенденции макияжа 2014However, naturalness is not the only noticeable trend of the season. Remember, looked like a young Christina Ricci in «Семейке Adams». Dark hair, pale skin and a scowl… Yes, that image of the promoted some designers, and the shows he seemed to be very interesting and, paradoxical as it sounds, it is fresh. In fact, this new variation on an old theme, the theme of perfect tone and texture of skin. The secret of perfection of any make-up in blue is the colour of the face, without the slightest defects and shortcomings.

Bright lips – a real hit of the season autumn-winter 2013-2014. This trend is more referred to the style of 40’s, a make-up is quite simple, add red lipstick clear arrows on the centuries – and fashionable image is ready.

тенденции макияжа 2014Style grunge offers dark red intense lip makeup in vamp style lipstick deep tones, with black hue is perfectly combined with the multi-faceted way grunge, which are alien stereotypes and classical canons.

Fashionable and relevant in this season makeup will not require much effort and investment. Depending on the image you want to create, apart from high-quality base for make-up, you need to coral red lipstick strengthen its effect will help contour pencils, er, different shades), eyeliner and shadows, either natural bronze brown, or dark, black or purple. In fashion as Matt texture and shade, with metallic Shine. Choose what you prefer and meet new fashion season with a stylish and actual makeup.

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