макияж фотоPledge of successful pictures not only in proper pose and beautiful smile. Makeup for a photo incredibly important, especially when it comes to portrait photography. Those who are going on full professional photo shoot, never fear – as a rule, they have a makeup artist, well familiar with the rules and techniques of successful makeup for such a case. But if such a master of none, and your beauty on the future of photo in the hands of one only of the photographer – what to do? Most likely, independently comprehend the basics of makeup application for a photo.


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Between make-up for photography and ordinary everyday there is a big difference in the approach. Although in both cases, you may want to look naturally have to accept the fact that the textures and even colors of decorative cosmetics to the photo must differ from those that you usually use.

Naturalness, which is customary in the make-up in real life, the photos may seem like its complete absence. Flash, the direction of light and its origin (artificial or natural), the shade of service of a person who can give reflex, thickly painted the lower lashes on the photo like bruises all this is an incomplete list of «side effects», which inadvertently appear on the pictures in the absence of proper attention to make-up.

Therefore, if you will take a photo, the results of which cannot be changed (such as a wedding or prom night), so plan ahead. You can try rehearsal makeup of the house, to assess the possible outcome if you are not satisfied with something, or there is no decent cosmetics, purchase some of the products.

There are brands of professional cosmetics that produce special tools for photo and filming, which can also be found in the usual lines of the brands of a class «Lux». Among the most famous are: MAC, Smashbox, Make Up Forever, NYX, Illamasqua.


Advice on the selection and application of make-up for the photo

Strive to create irreproachable face, masking imperfections proofreader with yellow shade. Carefully shade corrector, which has a thick texture than the cream, so the picture border may be displayed. Choose tonal basis also with natural warm shade, because cold pink hue base on photo make a person too pale and flat.

Use Matt blackout means for correction of face shape and some of its features. With their help, you can remove the double chin, visually make the nose shorter and thinner narrow oval of the face and reduce the cheekbones. Apply the product with a wide brush with natural bristles.

Forget about any of the shining texture on a face when taking pictures. Light Shine in real life for a picture with the flash, make a person bad shining. This applies both to the choice of tone and eye shadow and blush. Lipstick is also better to choose a mate, natural shades, because the unnecessary light on the pictures make vague contour lip – shapeless stain.

Do not forget to emphasize the eyes. If you have experience photographing in make-up, notice how the eyes look and how even dramatic smoky eyes looks paler on the photo. Bright, especially, natural colors eyeshadow the pictures become invisible, so do not be afraid of the dark color. Emphasize the contours of the eyes dark pencil and use a bulk ink with подкручивающим effect – the photograph of a make-up will look vulgar.

With great caution should be taken to the area of the lower century – it is better not to touch the ink and black liner. First, there is a risk of effect bruises under eyes secondly, if the photographer is shooting from a certain point, in the photo you can get the effect of eyes bulging.

Be careful with powder – you may not even know that your powder contains shimmering particles, and find out about this just by looking at the finished photo. You’ve seen on the network or glossy magazines bad pictures of famous women at social events, where they photographed with persons like обсыпанными flour under the eyes, on the forehead, the nose. But flour is not to blame – all the matter in powder, which in ordinary life looks OK, but when the flash unit highlights the person in those areas where it laid.

Always apply makeup for a photo only in daylight. So you can avoid mistakes in choosing the color and intensity.

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