макияж шатенок модные тенденции 2010Brown is not just brown hair, there are dozens of variety of shades, it is important to know how to properly emphasize the uniqueness of tone and color depth of your hair. To enhance the beauty of the brown-haired very important correctly to pick up a color palette to make beautiful makeup for brown hair.

The term «brown» covers a wide range of shades of brown, from the Golden-brown to hazel, and depth of tone that can vary from medium to very deep and saturated colors. Hair brown falsely described by two words, as you can’t say that blonde or red all one color. Color is a system of three dimensions: the hue, saturation and depth.

You can confidently say that you have not blond hair. On a scale of depths of our brown will account for approximately the middle with a tendency to Browning, and this means that in the wardrobe and make-up in this case it is better to use moderate or dark tones.

макияж шатенок Миранда Керр

Miranda Kerr

Skin brown hair, as a rule, has a pink or yellowish tint, but too light skin can not be named. The eyes can be of any color, blue, green, brown, light brown…


Lips and the choice of lipstick

Successfully chosen shade of lipstick is able to emphasize the beauty of the hair of any brown-haired woman. The bright red lips look great with light brown tones with honey-coloured, more dark brown creates a stunning contrast with the bright pink lipstick.

Red lipstick should be every girl, the main thing to pick your shade.

Red pomegranate is perfectly combined with both cold and warm tone of your skin, especially goes brown with dark brown hair curls or moderate brown. If you think that red lipstick is too much, try grenades, one can say that this color is the most «tolerant» of all red.

If you want something more bold, but not too bright ruby red deep red, warm colour) exactly what you need. Color cranberry (bright red cold) or the fiery red (rich, warm), cherry red (saturated cold) – all these colors are perfect chestnut, to accurately determine your skin tone.

We should not ignore the lipstick pink and coral shades. If you are warm colors, coral – exactly what you need, pink – if your choice of shades.


The choice of a base under make-up for brown hair

Brown goes almost any hue basis. If you шатенка-skinned – choose the basis of color «porcelain». For more skinned girls Mediterranean-type suit pale yellow and beige tones. Before to buy a Foundation or liquid Foundation. Be sure to test the product in a store and preferably in broad daylight.


Eye makeup for brown hair

In a sense, chestnut lucky, as the brown – color-neutral and to the hair that color are the shadows of almost any color. The ideal option looks green, the combination of green and brown is very common in nature and looks incredibly harmonious. In addition to the classic green brown also suitable shade of blue, pink and purple colors.

The beauty of chestnut hair chocolate colors accentuate a shade of blue or violet color.

If you want to focus on the blaze of his curls, choose a shade of pearl-effect. A more dramatic and profound image can be created using the black eyeliner and carefully растушеванных shadows brown. Brown, like ladies with any other color hair, makeup is very «smokey eyes».

If you шатенка with brown eyes, pick up the shadows you will be quite easy. In this case you when choosing a color, primary attention should be paid to the natural skin tone. Hair color we rely on the same principle as with the color of their eyes. When lighter combinations better use mild or moderate tone, darker palette perfectly highlights and emphasizes the eyes, but with dark colors need to be alert: sometimes too bright accent looks rough.

The darker your hair color, the darker colors you can use make-up, for example, «smokey eyes» in combination with black or dark grey shadows.

If you have fair skin, avoid too much darker shadows, in particular from black, replace them with gold or copper.

There is a rule that brown allegedly should avoid brown colors and its possible variations, this is partly true, often brown simply merges with the color of hair, and does not emphasize it, certain shades of brown are brown with very fair skin.

Blue shadow is not the best choice for brown hair, but with the right approach you can break this stereotype. If you are selecting a shadow of three colors, try to choose the one where the darkest color matches the color depth of your eyes. If you have dark eyes, try dark blue with grape tint or dark green. Brown to yellowish-brown eyes, fit the color of cocoa or smoky gray.

Of course, we cannot do without mascara. There are no special restrictions no, suitable both the black and brown mascara, just brown looks more gently and naturally.



For brown hair fit blush tone close to the natural color of the face or a little darker. Brush on a small number of blush the «apples» cheeks. For brown hair with caramel shade of hair and fair skin are ideal pale pink blush. For dark-skinned girls is better to pick blush with Golden shimmer, such tones give the skin a radiant glow and emphasize depth and saturation of color of hair.

Brown neutral color, suitable for both everyday and festive environment, play with color combinations and richness of shades, don’t be afraid to experiment and you are sure to find something that perfectly suit you.

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