макияж для брюнетокThe brunettes always had an advantage over the blonde. Having dark hair and expressive eyebrows and eyelashes, they can look beautiful without makeup or with a barely noticeable his presence. Casual makeup for brunettes can be very easy or bright, and still the girl will not look vulgar. Beauty темноволосых ladies can be highlighted differently – but what makeup perfect brunettes?


Perfect makeup for brunettes

When choosing to emphasize the natural data should be guided by the laws of harmony, which dictated, first of all, цветотип girls. Dark hair may have different подтона as leather, so one thing can be decisive for the choice in favor of different shades. Eye makeup for brunettes depends not only on the color of their eyes, but also from the incision, from the depths of посаженности, from volume hairstyles – trifles in this case does not exist.

Day makeup for brunettes may consist of natural matte shadows beige, eyelash growth line if necessary, you can lightly outline soft pencil, completing the image of a light extension ink. Modern fashionable makeup for brunettes includes a focus on the lips, which is easy to do, picking delicately shiny lip or lean lipstick, for example, stylish coral or purple tints. If you do not plan in the light, then cheekbones better left untouched blush otherwise the person will be transshipped color. This is the perfect makeup for brunettes with fair skin, which will effectively shaded by the glitter and will not require additional expressiveness inherent in the evening images.


Makeup for brunettes and eye color

Options makeup for brunettes depend not only on the color type, but also on the case for which they create. For example, sensual coral or pink lips look good in the summer on a walk with friends, on holidays and at other moments pleasant and leisure. At work from excessive sexuality image is better to abstain, but this does not necessarily mean that paint is not necessary. Quite the contrary, you only need to choose colors matching shades.

With the help of the green shadows as cold emerald and warm olive, you can create a very beautiful makeup for brunettes with brown eyes. Eyebrows have to emphasize shadows in tone, forever apply one shades, carefully shading clear lines finger. Eyeliner can be omitted if the eyes are dark, if bright, you can stay on the soft brown-gray shade of a pencil.

Green shadows are good with brown eyes, if they do green, then this option should reject, otherwise expressiveness of his sight no one would notice. Makeup for brunettes with green eyes is also built on the principle of contrast. Most suitable shades of shadows are blue or purple, and shades of brown. If the hair warm shade, have expressed рыжину, copper undertone, then it is better to stay on the brown. If they are bluish black or dark brown cold shade, experiment with sister you blue and violet in different variants tone.

Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes, hue, which is often called the «hazelnut», that is, warm, close to the olive, which are mixed shade of brown with a swamp, requires a delicate balancing act. Such eyes should rid of dark podvodok and saturated shadows of the bright blush on the cheeks and lipsticks. The most optimal choice will be the soft brown gamma, brightness can add copper tones. Natural makeup for brunettes such color type is very important, otherwise you will be lost charm of the image, the face огрубеет and will be vulgar.


The right makeup for brunettes with bright eyes

If a girl’s dark hair, this does not mean that it needs a sure intense makeup. It is permissible, but in certain cases, for example, for an evening out, especially with dark eyes that tolerate bright colors. Dark brown hair curls or color Voronova wing incredibly beautiful seen in combination with bright eyes, and when selecting colors eyeshadow and lipstick to destroy this natural harmony.

Makeup for brunettes with gray-blue eyes that can change color depending on the surrounding colors, opens a wide choice of shadows, which can be both cold and warm. Shades of brown, as a rule, make the eyes even brighter, «pulling out» of them blue, making it sound brighter. If you choose a silver-gray or pastel blue eyes will be less noticeable on the face and this is a good option for emphasis on the lips, which can emphasize a beige-pink in the glossy version or more saturated pink mother-of-pearl.


Wedding makeup

Wedding makeup for brunettes – this is the most common case for which the makeup artists use white and pink shades. Radiance pearl mother-of-pearl shadows, touching frosted clouds of purple or more explicit pink shade justified style celebration of the bride outfit often includes these shades. Bright shades of eye shadows require careful use eyeliner, it is better not liquid, and as a thin Mat of a pencil, better gray. Lips bride can leave barely touched Shine neutral shades nude as cheekbones which for темноволосых girls in this day should have «chill». If you choose pink or white shadow, cheekbones should not be peach, coral or other shades of brown. Especially it is correct, if you makeup for brunettes with gray eyes.

According to another principle, you should be cautious when changing the nuances, even if they seem insignificant. Makeup for brunettes with blue eyes, if they have brown hair, requires «winterization» the overall tone. Brown colors shadows, Golden cream blush and Shine can be the perfect options for wedding image.

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