макияж на выпускнойProm is an incredibly important event in the life of every woman. A lot of time, forces, nerves and money spent on the choice of dress and matching shoes, determining what will be the perfect makeup and hairstyle for prom.


Tip 1: highlight or lips or eyes, but in any case not both

Remember what is said to you by others that are more likely to notice, your lips or eyes? You also plump and sensual lips like Angelina Jolie or someone said your radiant eyes look like Kate Bosworth? If you focus on the lips, choose bright saturated colors lipstick or gloss, for in this case is ideal bright red or dark pink lipstick, but in no case brown, eye makeup must be cautious and natural.

If you decide to emphasize eyes, take a liner, shadows, mascara and false eyelashes. Expressive eye makeup makeup artists combine with soft, light tone of lipstick and a thin layer of clear gloss.


Tip 2: the smoothing of the skin tone

Often perfectly smooth skin tone is much more than a shrewd eye makeup. The secret lies in the application technique and the choice of camouflage, as your goal the help of makeup to achieve the perfect skin tone, but it look easy and natural. As a rule, young girls with a healthy complexion’t need dense and Foundation thick concealer, but if you suffer from acne or pronounced uneven skin, without a base and concealer not do. To face didn’t look plaster mask or melted cream cake, apply the concealer only on areas requiring adjustments (most often it is the forehead, cheeks or chin). It is important to find тонирующее remedy adequate shade of your skin and carefully shaded it along the lines of cheekbones. Never buy тонирующее tool, not test it on your own skin.


Tip 3: justified plagiarism

What does it mean? Sometimes very difficult to determine what kind of makeup to choose one or another image. Why not look at our favorite stars and take up their beauty secrets? Every girl is beautiful in its own way, and even completely copied makeup Misha Barton or Ashley Simpson, you’ll look like an exact copy of the on-screen celebrity.

Of course, the make-up of Hollywood divas professionals, if you have the opportunity to consult a professional makeup artist, show the photo stars and ask them to make you a makeover. Often in magazines are the names of the manufacturers and names of means which is made makeup of one or another of the stars, you may use this list and, armed with the appropriate makeup, repeat image film star at home.

  • Penelope Cruz and «smokey eyes: that eye makeup is an ideal choice for the prom. He is deep and mysterious, and the one who is your flaming opinion, is unlikely to stand before him. Choosing «smokey eyes» , don’t forget that lipstick should be very light, and blush careful and natural.
макияж на выпускной Пенелопа Круз

Penelope Cruz

макияж на выпускной Сиенна Миллер

Sienna Miller

  • Sweetheart sexuality Sienna Miller: pink blush with «wet» effect and luscious lips covered in glitter.
  • Error Cameron Diaz: Cameron often uses red lipstick, but sometimes «misses with shades». Red lipstick has a lot of tones and shades, it is important to choose its own and with the emphasis on the lips, strong eyes smooth light shadows.
макияж на выпускной Камерон Диаз

Cameron Diaz

макияж на выпускной Блейк Лайвли

Blake Lively

  • Blake lively: berry lip gloss in combination with densely painted lashes Blake turns into a real star with a Bohemian chic.
  • Emma Watson: in this case, focus on flawless skin tone. Porcelain skin underlined white shadows on the inner corner of the century and pale pink on the outside. Forget about the connections, and the beauty of the eyes emphasize curled lashes and several layers of mascara. Completes the image transparent Shine.
макияж на выпускной Эмма Уотсон

Emma Watson

макияж на выпускной Эшли Тисдейл

Ashley Tisdale

  • Ashley Tisdale: just one bright accent in the form of a bright red lipstick on your lips is able to attract the attention of others. Light pink blush and discreet eye makeup seductive image in a classic style is ready!
  • Dakota fanning : simple and unobtrusive makeup Dakota done very easily. Black arrows on the upper eyelid, a light layer of mascara and transparent lip gloss.
макияж на выпускной Дакота Фэннинг

Dakota Fanning

макияж на выпускной Нина Добрев

Nina Dobrev

  • Nina Dobrev: smooth complexion underlined blush-bronzer and soft caramel-beige lipgloss.
  • Katy Perry: if you want to look sexy and romantic emphasize eyes brown shadows of neutral shades, cilia cover several layers of black mascara. Pink lipstick with a soft brilliance on the lips and then you’re ready to Shine and to conquer.
макияж на выпускной Кэти Перри

Katy Perry

макияж на выпускной Дайана Агрон

Diana Agron

  • Diana Agron: lower eyelid sum up the blue shadows with glitter and cilia подкрашиваем dark ink.

Try a few times to copy celebrity makeup for a few days before the prom, even if you are among friends is the best make-up artist, a practice not hurt.


Tip 4: don’t forget the memories of your graduation party will remain not only in your memory, but in photographs

Never подкрашивайте lips on the move and without a mirror, before being photographed, припудри shiny areas of the face (forehead, chin, and nose), and even better to wear always purse matting napkins. Отрепетируй most advantageous positions, become to you and your dress could see well, but this view is not added to you a couple of extra pounds.

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