макияж среднего возрастаNo matter how beautiful and free from prejudices did not feel myself a woman, there are immutable rules of etiquette that must be observed. They relate to the image, which is broadcast with the help of clothes and cosmetics. There comes a time when we should objectively evaluate my age and leave some things and colors for younger people. Makeup for middle age is not necessarily boring and невыразителен. It should also emphasize the beauty and attractiveness of a woman who goes to another degree of attractiveness.

Mean age was confined to the period that begins after approximately thirty-five years and continues till the time of maturity, about ten years. At that time their specific features, which have to take into account when applying make-up, both casual and business and for publication. The skin at this time becomes more dry, it visible wrinkles, especially around the eye area, manifested sagging chin area. Sometimes there is an overhang of the century, especially under the excess weight.


Choose cosmetics for middle age

Choosing the make-up preparations need to pay particular attention to the key tool and powder, which is fundamental for a successful image. They can visually hide wrinkles or Vice versa, to make them more noticeable.

Lips also need attention, when there is a choice of lipstick or gloss. If there are wrinkles, deforming the skin and the path should buy a smoothing primers and master the techniques of corrective makeup to «keep the brand»while retaining its attractive image.



Foundation must have a light, but dense texture, rich pigments disguise possible imperfections, as well as with reflective particles. It is important to combine the two data quality tone. Because matte texture makes a face like a mask and not enough rich pigments cream will align the tone of the face. Powder is also preferable from light-reflecting pigments, compact.

Before applying tone on the face of need, apply a basis in the form of moisturizing a primer or a day cream, which smoothes skin texture and fix decorative cosmetics. If the pre-evening to face justice nourishing cream, always in the morning wash with gentle means, you can gently treat the skin scrub. Concealer or fluid apply a clean sponge, delicately промакивая skin smoothing movements, making sure not formed lumps or irregularities. If the tone of the coverage thick layer or unnatural, it is better to mix it with a day cream, thus facilitating its texture.

If the skin or the person in need of visual correction (a second chin bruises under eyes, a darkening of the wings of the nose), should learn to work with хайлайтером, высветляющим problem areas. Hightlight is applied after the tone, the middle area of the forehead, under the wings of the nose, chin, in the area of cheekbones under the eyes. Make-up for midlife should be used хайлайтеры texture fluid without unnecessary pearl glow.

Blush in the average age must be more natural. Banned active bronze shades, rich pink and coral, excessive lights cheekbones. The best options are peach, natural beige-Golden, creamy-pink.


Eye makeup

In eye makeup for the middle-age have taboos are heavy arrows, especially liner on the lower eyelid, emphasizing the «crow’s feet» around the eyes and старящие face. If the contour of the eyes it is necessary to define stay on top of eyelid, carefully working line with a pencil of moderate hardness – leave liquid liners for dramatic arrows youth. Avoid style smoky eyes, bright three-dimensional мякияжа, the effect of artificial подкрученных eyelashes, heavy mascara – all these techniques to attract a lot of attention to the eyes, and hence to the age peculiarities of which they are printed.

Eye shadow is preferable to choose the compact, Mat. Radiance is permissible only very light and silky. If the eyelids припухлые or hanging, from the glitter of that should be abandoned. To visually open eyes, use the pencil line growth upper lashes, concentrating its near zone, the outer corner. In eye makeup should abandon any manifestation decoration: from the color shades and makeup in the style of «butterfly», retro shooter, spangles, invoices or подкрученных eyelashes.


Lip makeup

Painting her lips in the average age of stands only high quality means with an SPF of filters and increase the visual effect of the lips, and even better – with the ability to fill wrinkles. Dark matte shades will make lips thinner, focusing age. Give preference to persistent (but not иссушающим) textures with a slight halo (but without the glossy effect).

Before накладыванием use lipstick lip primer. Contour choose low-fat, but persistent, trying to pick up the tone of lipstick, avoiding vulgar contrast. Lipstick purchase with applicators, to facilitate application. Shades should be as close to your natural lip color, pick them according to their цветотипу, but abstain from any bright versions, including the one from the classic red. Active or dark shades on the lips replace their «Lite version» coral, light brown, beige and pink.

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