макияж в ретро-стилеRetro style is popular and what exactly will be on the crest of a wave in a particular season, depends on the world’s trendsetters. We leave some styles for several seasons, others move, bringing the following fashion era. Makeup in retro style doesn’t hurt, if you’re a fan of this trend. Makeup that same style of clothes, always attracts attention, but to combine them in one way it is not necessary. You can feel free to borrow some characteristics of the makeup of a particular era, skillfully introducing it into modern looks. But to accurately maneuver through the different styles of makeup in retro style, you need to know features of the image of women in a particular decade.

Under retro makeup is usually taken to mean different styles held by women during the twentieth century. Why, because they painted always, and cosmetics in primitive form, existed in the time of Cleopatra? Of course, this is true, but on the other hand, style, make-up, features of which borrow contemporary artists, was formed after the formation of a new era in fashion, and we already have the first cosmetics. It was in the early twentieth century and, more specifically, about retro makeup better to mention with the twenties.


Makeup in the style of the 20s-30s

Makeup in the 20-30-ies was expressive and grotesque. This was the era of silent films, and images of women with deliberately emphasized darkened eyelids and lips were transferred in real life. This makeup in the modern world looks dramatic and Gothic, and is suitable only for evening wear. Fortunately for fans of the era, this period, popular, and hence make up for the many will have by the way.

It requires matte light skin, which can be created using creampowder, eye makeup in the form of a classic Smokey known today with charcoal gray eye shadow, pencil-eyeliner, which should have a good blend. Lip the bravest will take a very dark plum lipstick, ink, cherry, Burgundy shades.


Makeup in the style of 40’s and 50’s

The most difficult time in the 20th century – war and post-war, and during this period was observed bloom of womanhood. Main female instrument, cosmetic and accessory – red lipstick. In the forties in honor hairstyles were whipped waves his forehead, so red mouth balanced way. In the fifties there was already a dual focus – on lips and eyes. Red mouth was certainly augmented wide sharp arrows, which created a stunning effect.

You can create a makeover in the style of 40-50-ies, varying the width and the expressiveness of the arrows, just like the color saturation of the lipstick. No matter how authentic they are, because this style is recognized instantly.


Makeup in the style of the 60’s

All emphases in the makeup of the sixties moved on eye – stunning wide eyebrows, the width of which is increased with a pencil to unimaginable dimensions, very long eyelashes, which can be noted at the top model Twiggy one of the legendary photos, and, of course, the arrow. Arrows and eyebrows were very wide, definitely black. Perfect makeup in the style of 60’s today is the appearance of the eyebrows and the eyes of all the laws of the genre, perfectly matte skin without a hint of eye shadow and pale mouth, slightly muted beige lipstick.

Contemporary makeover in the style of 60’s can combine a broad arrow with matte shadows. It is suitable for girls with big eyes, and little can be done visually even less.


Makeup in the style of the 70’s

70-ies can be considered as the last era of the twentieth century, which we refer to as retro. This decade is very popular for its style in clothing that is returned for the season, but about the makeup in the style of the 70’s to the masses know not much.

Color is undoubtedly a new and important word in the makeup of this period. The era of disco embodies the madness color eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, which then in unison combined with each other on the same face. A modern interpretation of makeup in the style of the 70’s should not be confused fireworks colors, it is better to limit one juicy shade on the eyelids or to join in the eye makeup two supporting bright contrasting color. Blue, turquoise, deep green shade on the entire eyelid – the embodiment of freedom-loving 70-X.

In our day such a tendency also have a place to be, but almost always it should be limited to the parties, where the place and luscious colors in makeup, and pearly luster on the skin and lips.

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