макияж матовыми тенямиFashion makeup is changing gradually, and the changes relate to the details – colors, shapes, textures. Especially relevant today makeup matte eyeshadow – it looks the most natural so fashionable and creates the illusion of natural beauty. This makeup without the use of mother of pearl or glitter is perfect for any situation.


Natural beauty

Natural beauty is valued at all times. But those whom nature has not endowed with such beauty, could remedy the situation by using catchy Macapa, which is not so much emphasized traits, how many hid them. The human mind is so constructed that the brightness can often serve in some degree the replacement of beauty. However, the brighter the makeup, the more artificial and more seems vulgar appearance.

By the end of XX century the beauty industry began to develop at the fastest rate. And now, almost all became available technologies that were the privilege of the stars. Hair extensions, eyelashes and nails, tattooing, plastic surgery allow millions of women to approach their ideals of beauty.

Of course, not everyone is ready for a serious makeover. But the makeup in Vogue natural that mimic the beauty and perfection of nature. The pearl looks totally outdated and glitter of modern makeup artists use very sparingly, preferring the bright lights discreet makeup matte eye shadows. Only this makeover allows you to create fashionable and glamorous look.

Unlike the brilliant Macapa matte makeup is appropriate always and everywhere. He looks great in the office or on vacation, but in more formal situations will not seem inappropriate. This makeup is very versatile, and this is the main secret of its popularity.

Another advantage of the matte shadows – they don’t give a glare or reflect light, ideal for photo shoots. For this reason, the makeup of most models at fashion shows is done in matte colors.


Makeup with a matte shadow and its features

Many people hesitate to use makeup matte texture, because I’m afraid of what this makeup will identify fatigue and make look “extinct”. But it is not so. Properly done makeup will only accentuate the Shine in my eyes and will help, if necessary, correct their form.

Apply a matte eye shadow can be more difficult than shiny. Satin structure shadows almost always provides a smooth, even surface. Matte shadows can at first (not yet developed the habit of their application) to lie unevenly, spots.

How to deal with it? Just follow a few rules for the application of matte shadows:

  • It is desirable to give preference to products made by trusted manufacturers. Savings on eye shadow is rarely justified: cheap shade can cause allergic reactions, they are often too unstable and quickly slide down and fall off;
  • Under eye shadow need to apply a special base primer. Matte shadows without such a basis is usually a bad fall and expressionless look. Eyeshadow primer can be liquid, gel or cream. She, on the one hand, protects, nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the eyelids and eases the eye shadow and makes the makeup more lasting. Put the Foundation on clean , dry skin. Then you need to give time to the base coating to penetrate into the skin, after that you can start applying shadow. The eyelid skin will become smooth and soft, and problems with the make-up will not occur;
  • Mineral matte eye well mask the defects of skin and soft fall. Most makeup artists prefer such a variety of shadows;
  • Great importance is the selection of brushes. You should not try to create beautiful makeup using sponges and sponges. Apply eye shadow should be flat brush for smudging and use of volumetric slanted brush. Made brushes should be of natural materials;
  • Apply eye shadow should be a thin layer. It is better to apply three thin coats than one thick – so the makeup will look much neater;
  • It is important to choose the right shades of makeup depending on the shape and color of eyes, and also on the desired effect.


The art of matte makeup

Using Macapa you can change facial features, fix some of the defects of appearance. For example, the right makeup can make the eyes bigger, correct the form, change the distance between them.

Usually makeup artists use makeup combination shiny and matte shadows. Shiny texture visually add volume and matte conceal it. Therefore, combining to make up different types of shadows, you can achieve various interesting effects.

Use only matte shadows complicates the task. In this case, to increase the amount you should use light colors, let them be and without gloss.

The classical scheme of applying eye shadow looks like this:

  • Under the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye, apply the lightest shade;
  • On the middle part of the century put shadow base shade;
  • The eyelid is stressed more than dark shadows;
  • The contour of the eye secrete the darkest shade;
  • The color transitions are carefully shaded.

Sometimes to highlight the crease and around the eyes use a shade of eyeshadow, sometimes refuse to highlighting the inner corner of the eyes and under the brow – it all depends on the features of the face on which to apply makeup.

Very often used matte shadows to create fashionable makeup “smoky eyes”. If you are using shiny textures this makeup may look too Mature, muted matte colors give this makeup a certain nobility. Even a thick layer of matte shadows looks elegant and restrained.

That opinion didn’t look tired, it is desirable to emphasize the inner corner of the eye with light and shadows, and to refuse the use of too dark matte shades. Better if matte shadows will differ in tone from the iris, that is the shade you should choose not to match, and contrast. This will refresh the image and give the look a special Shine.

Dmitry Anokhin

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