макияж под леопардовое платьеLeopard print never goes out of fashion for many years. The wearing leopard-printed requires a certain skill: they can look very stylish, and frankly vulgar. Clothed in a garment, the woman attracts attention, so makeup under leopard print dress must be perfect from the point of view of taste and style.


Caution, particularly

Stylists no wonder they say that the clothes always carries a message. But, unfortunately, women often choose their favorite thing, without thinking how it will perceive those around. And people sometimes read the signals, which are served with clothes, not as we would like.

“Animal prints always look bright, sexy, attractive. She dresses in dress leopard, the woman clear to others that she wants to attract attention. Such clothing is a sign of a passionate, unbridled, overtly sexual nature. At least is perceived leopard print in society.

In small quantities the leopard print is only slightly hints at passionate nature. But if the selected volume thing leopard-printed, for example, the whole dress, it is important to think their way not to look defiant. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the impact of leopard print dresses and complement its other equally “talking” things and stressed-sexual make-up. And as a result the image is frankly vulgar.

Leopard print dress categorically incompatible with the makeover in the style of “sex bomb”. Should postpone away blood-red and candy pink lipstick, bold eyeliner, glitter, false eyelashes. Any of these parts of “kill” the image and make it comical.


High style

Bold leopard print will inevitably draw attention to the face, which means that makeup should be flawless. And above all, should look flawless skin. Without tonal framework can not do.

The first step is to thoroughly clean the skin and moisturize it. After that comes the turn of Foundation. It is best to give preference to a coating that will give the skin a silky glow. Tone color should be as close to skin tone, or your make-up will look unnatural. You can use the professional techniques of makeup artists – sculpt the face using several shades of tonal resources. But the ability masterly to play with different shades, creating the effect of light and shadow, comes only with experience. Therefore, those who have not yet mastered this difficult science, you should not try to “draw” a new face for half an hour before you exit – better to just gently apply concealer one shade on the skin.

макияж Jennifer Lopez под леопардовое платье

Jennifer Lopez

макияж Rihanna под леопардовое платье


If the dress is made from fabric in the traditional colors, that is, in cream and Golden-brown tones, it is important that the person does not seem too pale. Come to the aid of blush and bronzer – just lightly touch the cheek of this means that face shone. If leopard print is cool grayish hue, it is best to use a small amount of pink blush.

From bright lipstick should be abandoned, the pearl is also banned. The optimal choice will be soft pinkish skin tones. It is best to choose a lipstick with a satin texture, without strong luster. If you use glitter, let it be transparent.

But the eye makeup can be quite intense. But it is important to use natural shades and sequins not to get involved. It is best to classic leopard print perfect makeup in chocolate brown, with a light satin finish. Sandy, honey, pale Golden shade will go well with a deep brown, copper, coffee and chocolate tones. If leopard print is decorated with colored fabric, the shade is selected it is better to choose not to dress, and to the eyes. Brown, brown and smoky grey shades will look much better than the bright unnatural colors in the tone of an outfit.

макияж Jennifer Lopez под леопардовое платье

Jennifer Lopez

макияж Miranda Kerr под леопардовое платье

Miranda Kerr

The evening will look great in combination with the leopard dress makeover in the style of “smoky eyes”. It is desirable only to abandon black shadows, preferring dark brown tones – this will soften the image and avoid vulgarity. To smoky makeup look stylish, very important to carefully blend the colors, border crossings colors should be invisible.

A clear line of eyeliner make way tougher. This option is less suitable for leopard outfit than neatly feathered line, although the possibility for experiments still remains. With the help of eyeliner you can give the eyes a new form. For example, to enter the image, you can try to portray feline look. To this end, the corners of his eyes is slightly lifted with a neat shot. Eyelashes should be liberally apply mascara, concentrating on the outer corners of the eyes – this will make you look alluring and attractive.

макияж Marcia Cross под леопардовое платье

Marcia Cross

макияж Selena Gomez под леопардовое платье

Selena Gomez

Be sure to emphasize your eyebrows. They need to touch up a suitable pencil or shadow, comb, lay with the gel so that the hairs are not sticking out in different directions.


Carnival variant

The most daring girls can complement leopard print dress makeup and present makeup, paint your face like a cat’s muzzle. This makeup will certainly look spectacular, though not at every party he will look appropriate.

For this carnival makeup is best to use a persistent means of decorative cosmetics, for example, a pencil for eyebrows dark brown. The shape of the spots it is best to learn these photos of leopards or to copy dresses. The more accurate will be the figures on the face of it, the prettier it will look makeup as a result.

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