мужская эпиляцияAll rarely found in people outdated statements about how to be the real man, and one can often hear a definite Yes, when it comes to male hair removal. Prejudice against men, which remove excess vegetation on his body, with each year. Male hair removal is becoming standard procedure.

Do about it to speak once more, if and for women and men stipulates exactly the same procedure to eliminate the hair? Of course, you need as many men don’t have any idea about where to go and how to get rid of unwanted hair.


Cosmetic weakness of the stronger sex

The interest of hair removal from the stronger sex constantly growing, what is not surprising. Body hair removal is a matter not so much beauty as personal hygiene and comfort, especially during hot weather, when the area with hair-intensive sweat and become a place of a congestion of microorganisms. Before removing hair was interested mainly people whose professional activity is connected with appearance, for example, models, actors, sportsmen. Then, the trend has been extended to ordinary men who gladly picked up her first a bit shyly, but then persistently searching for themselves the most appropriate ways of hair removal.

Today men remove the hair in the armpits, chest, legs, in the intimate area, on the back. Male hair removal as women, offers several ways to cope with vegetation on the body, but there are specific features for the procedures of the stronger sex. Male hair thicker, darker, cover the skin is much more dense vegetation. Given that men are particularly sensitive to pain and not accustomed to the procedures beauty that women are routine, beautician, which conducts male hair removal requires not only high qualification, but also a delicacy.


Methods of male hair removal

  • Bioepilyatsiya: waxing and sugaring. The prefix bio – means that for hair removal uses natural materials that reduce the risk of side effects. About absolute naturalness to say no, at least not always, because the wax for hair removal contains additives that make it easier for the procedure, and they can be synthetic origin.
  • Wax epilation is the most common procedure that is performed on absolutely any area of the body. It participates wax, that it is either to heat up, causing the skin in the form of heat or cold wax, in the form of strips.
  • Sugaring implies hair removal mass of melted sugar with the addition of a small amount of lemon juice. The principle is the same, but unlike wax, which can cause allergies, diabetes weight of such events. After shugaring skin remains smooth two-three weeks, and after waxing. The lack of bioepilyatsii in her pain.
  • Laser hair removal. Vegetation removal laser beam is well suited for men who have most body hair dark and thick. The laser destroys the melanin of the hair structure, affecting the onion, which leads to total loss of hair on this place in a few sessions. It is enough to pass the course of five to ten treatments for several years to forget about the hair on the body. A significant disadvantage of laser hair removal for men – the possibility of pigmentation of the treated areas. Depending on the structure of hair and skin tone chosen a certain type of laser.
  • Photoepilation is hair destruction flash pulse of light. Unlike a laser, IPL can influence not on each hair individually, but on large areas. Photoepilation effective on the hair of any color and type, except Sedykh. Using photoepilation can try to remove hair permanently. If growth continues, the procedure can be repeated not earlier than in a month.
  • IPL-epilation. Combined method of connecting effects on the skin bipolar radiofrequency current and energy of the pulse current. Using IPL-epilation hair is removed in the active phase of its growth, but the required rate of up to ten procedures, after which on vegetation can be forgotten forever.



Hardware techniques male hair removal have a standard list of contraindications. Before the procedure, make sure that the body does not respond allergic reaction that no cancer tumors, circulatory disorders, varicose veins, acute viral and infectious diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases. After any of the procedures hardware epilation should be carefully protected from the sun and steaming for at least two weeks.

The above methods currently for male hair removal is considered to be the most optimal. Shave and use delirousga cream on the male body is not recommended. In the first case, the effect of hair removal will not last more than one day, and in the second cream likely will not be able to effectively destroy the hair.

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