The beauty of the handles is very important for every girl. It’s so nice to have a beautiful and delicate fingers with perfectly filed nails. Of course, we’ve learned that such beauty we do in salons, however, when they do not have time, you can contain your nails in the beauty of their own.For a home manicure is recommended to use the method does not cut manicure. It is done without the presence of sharp scissors and helps keep the fingers in order.
Маникюр без посещения салона
In order to feel confident not only because of appearance, but the inner state in General, is to make prevention your own health. For this you can refer to the diagnostic center Nizhny Novgorod, in order to determine abnormalities in your body.

In that case, if you still have some concerns that the manicure is done poorly, it is better to use the services of specialists. Otherwise you can not just ruin the appearance, but also to injure the nail plate and the skin in General, and there will be some irritation.
Основные этапы домашнего маникюра.2
The most popular type is not cut manicure is wet. After holding hands in warm water cuticle slides much easier.To perform not cut manicure requires:- liquid cuticle remover – a container with warm, slightly soapy water – a plastic or orange stick – nail file – emollient hand cream and notarnicola hold the handle about five minutes in warm water, then wipe it dry. After you apply the liquid cuticle remover and leave for a few minutes.
Создание красивого маникюра.3
Cotton pad to remove the tool after the dissolved portion of the roughened cuticles. Stick to gently push back the cuticle remains to the base of the nail. Then just file the nails, giving them shape and apply a moisturizer.This procedure should be done once a week, and then your hands will delight you every day!

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