Beautiful and proper manicure is clean, well-groomed hands and neat shape the nails with a coating of lacquer or without. But some ladies are mistaken in thinking that nail Polish is a nail Polish.

Manicure-this hand care: peels, masks, massages, rubbing creams, eating away at the nails, remove burrs, etc. Everything about varnishing, gluing rhinestones, painting nails – no more than decorative.
Маникюр: дома самостоятельно или в салоне у профессионалов?2
Today, many salons offer services for the care of the limbs, using loud advertising and names of cosmetic brands. And often in such places sit self-made man, posing as professionals. All salon treatments that are imposed on customers as a cure-all, are advertising the course and can be done at home without any extra expenses. Hundreds of recipes for care can be found in the Internet or ask grandma. And all the ingredients for traditional medicine there any women in the kitchen. So, that is to say chemistry “no” and make a choice in favor of natural ingredients.
Маникюр: дома самостоятельно или в салоне у профессионалов?3
Another question, if you have eczema and other rashes. Here it needs a real specialist. By the way, the appearance of the hands can be judged on unhealthy working nerve endings. center otolaryngology in Moscow provides services for the cure of diseases of this kind. On account of this institution to doubt it is not necessary – only the highest category of doctors and specialists.
Маникюр: дома самостоятельно или в салоне у профессионалов?4
Now about the decoration of nails. If not exactly to paint nails and, especially, to paint them, salon workers will be indispensable. From the nail plate can make a masterpiece of art. Service this can not be cheap, because the decoration nail – work is meticulous and almost jewelry. The original nails, perhaps you can spend.

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