When the appearance of a baby at a young mother, there are many worries. Already not enough time not only to rest, but also for herself. But I want to be always beautiful, but it needs to care for themselves, and in particular, for their nails.
Маникюр для мам2
Young mothers need to consider what kind of manicure would you not have done it should not harm the baby. Too long and sharp nails can scratch baby and even damage the diapers reviews young mothers about the ideal manicure inclined to believe that it is better, if the nails are short. This manicure can easily make at home and keep it going for a long time.

You can certainly go to a nail salon, but neither the time nor the money mums are not enough, so I have to do it at home.
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So, manicure done better in a room where there is no child – odor solvent him to anything. My hands, washed the remnants of varnish. The file gives the nails in the correct form, and the movement of files is strictly one way, otherwise the nails will begin to exfoliate. Give mild, rounded, the shortest form, so as not to injure the delicate skin of the baby. Then remove the cuticle. To do this, it should be possible to steam in the water and gently push it with a wooden stick. You can also remove the cuticle special purchase vehicle. Nail Polish should not be flashy shades, the baby can be scary. Good will be beige, pastel colors. Before the varnish should be applied to the nail base coat based, it will strengthen the nail and give more stability to the next ball varnish. The paint is applied confident strokes from the bottom up. On top of the varnish is necessary to apply a special fixing agent, which adds luster and durability to the manicure.
Маникюр для мам3
As the most suitable option in this case will be good “French manicure”. It looks neat and elegant. There is a small trick – the thinner white stripe, the greater seems the nail plate.

No need to hesitate his short nails, because now the baby’s health is most important.

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