Maybe a manicure – and not so noticeable part of new year’s outfit, but he should be given considerable attention. If it is made of poor quality or wrong, it will spoil the best hairstyle. As Italian furniture for a specific interior, manicure should be relevant, and the New year-2015 – special, this is the year of the Goat, and this animal has their own preferences.

Маникюр на Новый год Овцы 3

Fashion nails 2015

In the coming year will be fashionable oval nails as festive as walnut, almond. As for length, it is short and ultrashort as possible the natural shape of the nail. Very sharp and long nails are not in trend.

For the New year manicure should be in the spirit of the color of his mistress. It is necessary to use such shades like green, blue, emerald, turquoise, blue, violet, blue-green, violet, aubergine, dark blue or black.

Маникюр на Новый год Овцы 2

    On New year’s modern ideas manicure the following:
  1. French manicure, which never goes out of style. This is a classic nail design. To celebrate the New year it can be made with three different colors, with pictures or with mica.
  2. Silver, gold, bronze, gradients, holography, during the transition from one color to another. It is worth to try out new shades, decorating nails for new year party.
  3. All the fingers have to paint the gentle tone of varnish, for example, beige, pink, or other pastel tone. Option – a neat classic French. You can also glue on one fingernail hands on one rhinestone or bead.

Маникюр на Новый год Овцы 4

New year pictures

The most cheerful and cocky girls can decorate one manicured finger images, goat heads, goats or sheep. Also look beautiful, hoof, horn of plenty, bells, glamorous curls.

Fluffy cloud you can draw itself, it may be a new year design, the symbol of the coat of a sheep. You can dream up, because the nails, as the cuisine of Italy, in constant need of new original ideas that someone should come up.

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