To bring to life the brightness and positivity can even the most ordinary manicure. Bright colors, vivid drawings, shiny rhinestones will be pleasing to the eye. Today popular and fashionable to put a festive manicure. Special personal event or universal holiday. For example, when the wedding manicure has become fashionable to choose the colour scheme in the tone of a bouquet or paint with acrylic paints themselves flowers on the nails.
Маникюр для позитива5
The wedding is a harmony and perfection in everything. Depending on the time of year, the basis of the composition are different in texture flowers and decorative design. Most frequently bouquet of tulips, roses, dahlias, freesias, or chrysanthemums. These bouquets combine the richness of colors and soft shades. The focus of the composition can be done in red, lilac, purple, yellow, orange, beige or blue color.
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New year and Christmas, usually based nail Polish are red, green and white lacquer. Nail paint snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen, Christmas boots or star. You can also decorate manicure image of the animal symbol of the coming year. Maybe it will bring good luck and happiness in the new year.

In honor of the great Easter you can afford to give a small gift. Draw on the nails image of eggs or print beautifully symbolic letters “XB”.
Маникюр для позитива
Birthday bright manicure can be decorated with joyful smiles, bright acid colors or image of the gifts.
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But the holiday can be arranged and every day, for example, with the arrival of summer on the nails can be applied to images of ladybugs, daisies, strawberries, watermelon or drawings nautical theme. With the onset of autumn colors nail Polish palette of gold, beige, yellow and brown tones. The image of V leaves or sprigs of Rowan on your nails will make you cheer for everyone. Let Your manicure pleases you and those around You every day.

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