The dream of most girls are long and beautiful nails. However, not all by nature have a strong nail plate, they are often weak and brittle or slightly atrasta, peel off, and in some cases the nails just grow slowly. Additionally, some just don’t have enough time to properly care for long nails. But do not worry about this short nails with proper and timely care, which, incidentally, does not take much time, look no less beautiful and has for a long time do not go out of fashion. Options manicure short nails many, among which are absolutely gorgeous ideas.
Маникюр для коротких ногтей.4
Today, every modern girl among the underwear must have a strapless bra. This thing from wonderbra to buy is a must. Unlike other manufacturers who have to regularly improve, these bras well kept and not fall even when the active activity.
Маникюр для коротких ногтей.23
When performing this type of manicure should take into account some factors that will help to make it more beautiful and quality:
1. Visually lengthen the nail plate, can be correctly picked up their form. Currently especially popular nails oval or almond-shaped, but longer look rectangular. However, this form is suitable only to owners of long fingers.
2. It is extremely important to do short nails of the same size as the difference in length is even a millimeter will be very noticeable.
Маникюр для коротких ногтей.5
3. Don’t forget to remove the cuticle, it not only looks makes nails manicured and neat, but also visually lengthen them.
4. Manicure on short nails, I advise you to use nail Polish no more than three colors, and contrary to the opinion that the drawing is not for short nails there are a large number of design ideas that can be easily found online.

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