Recently acquired immense popularity of European techniques of manicure. Its history began with the beginning of the twentieth century, with a light hand Juliette Marlene new method rapidly became fashionable in Europe, and eventually in the world of the beauty industry. This technique is called – edging or dry, because the cuticles are not removed, and shift.
Выбор маникюра: классический или европейский?3
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Manicure performed in European technology, it is much safer classic, due to the fact that the cutting tools in it are not used. Trauma and risk of infection is minimal, the procedure is completely painless. This type of manicure is a great option for people with delicate skin of the cuticle. Also, a significant advantage is the short duration of the procedure, and the simplicity of its execution.
Выбор маникюра: классический или европейский?
The order of execution of manicure is very simple, the first step is a thorough cleaning of the nail plate from the old lacquer, then hand processed disinfectants, after which the nails are handled nail file to give the desired shape. Next, you can apply a warm and relaxing bath for hands with a sea salt solution or decoction of chamomile, it is worth considering that the working hand require a longer soaking procedure. After soaking the cuticles is applied to the tool, which is based on substances with otshelushivayuschimi properties, as well as fruit or lactic acids. After a few minutes, push back cuticles with a wooden stick of soft rocks, often use orange, also appeared on the market of plastic sticks with a rubber hoof. Further, the cuticle and the skin of the fingertips is applied emollient oils to prevent formation of burrs.
Европейский и классически маникюр
After the procedure, applied on the nail protective layer, and then carry out a decorative treatments. Bling bling nail art is no different from the decor to classic manicure. Manicure in European technique adopted to be updated every two or three weeks, depending on the characteristics of the regeneration of the skin cuticles.

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