маникюр в стиле swagManicure is one of the most important parts of the image, which opens up opportunities for self-expression. Today to replace the boring traditional varnishes came bright colors, dramatic textures and funny pictures. This manicure in the style of swag – colorful, fun, impressive, a little infantile, and therefore especially attractive.


Style features

For swag style is characterized, first of all, brightness. This style is the epitome of optimism and love of life, so there is no place for dull colors and boring pictures. Let the paints will be great, but image will be the original: and if the clothes don’t every dare to such experiments, the manicure in the style of swag allows you to Express yourself as much as you want.

For example, why not to remember your childhood and not to decorate nails images cartoon characters? A cartoon theme is very relevant today, it is only important to monitor the quality of the performance: the characters have to be at least recognizable.

If abilities for image angry bird or Mickey mouse on the nails is not enough, do not worry. First, you can use special stickers, secondly, come to the aid of stencils, and thirdly, the animated explanation is not the only feature of the style. Bright lettering and bold patterns, sequins and stickers, original and unexpected motifs, neon bright colors – all this is characteristic of the style swag.

Do not chase the beauty and create ultra-feminine image. Swag style implies an ironic attitude to the manicure. Originality is valued much higher than the beauty and even good taste. It is necessary to abandon traditional floral motifs in favor of funny and interesting pictures. For example, the nails look funny with the picture of athletic shoes (to simulate tiny sneakers on your nails very easy) or the muzzles of animals. Can’t draw faces? It does not matter, you can create on nails gallery paw prints of animals – is also interesting and unusual.


Who can be interested in the manicure in the style of swag

Manicure in the style of swag has been designed for urban fashionistas, resilient women living in cities. Aesthetics of big cities includes bright, neon lights, clean lines, sharp outlines. General view of nails should instill optimism, swag style – energetic, joyful, cheerful.

Of course, for office work such nail design is hardly suitable – it is too bright and shocking. But for the rest it fits perfect, especially when combined with the youth clothing simple styles. You should not combine a manicure with romantic clothes, flowery dresses and shoes with thin heels are much more suitable for simple jeans, short skirts in bright colors and fun t-shirts and tank tops with slogans.

Do not forget about your age. A young girl, on nails which shows balls of ice cream, cupcakes with frosting, or, say, pandas cartoons that resemble the charming young lady, not until the end bade farewell to childhood. The venerable mother of the family with the same manicure on others is quite another impression.

Of course, at any age you can feel young and daring. However, when choosing the motifs for manicure it is better to avoid outright absurdities. Combined with the wrinkles on the face cartoon characters on your nails will look strange. And other signs of age can be at odds with a cheerful manicure.

Sometimes all you want to mess about, but if the age can not be called young, do not abuse infantile details. If you really really want to decorate your nails with some children’s drawings, we can play on the contrast, making emphasized strict hairstyle and selecting the most modest clothing. In this combination nails in the Sponge Bob will be a key feature of the image, unobtrusive “spill the beans” about the fact that their hostess is not as simple and boring as it seems.


How to do a manicure

Preparation for implementation of manicure in the style of standard swag – nails need to shape, remove cuticles, apply the cream skin, to degrease the nail plate and applying a base coat. Now it is necessary to prepare the background for future arts. It is best to use a bright nail one of simple colors – white, red, blue, yellow or green. The coating must be dense and opaque.

After that you can start drawing pictures. Those who do not know how to draw, the easiest way is to use stickers. It is best to choose stickers or decals in bright colors, with clear lines and expressive motives. The supporters of minimalism can just paint all your nails in different colors – if the colors are quite bright (preferably neon), the result is simple in execution, but effective manicure in the style of swag. Simple patterns of stripes or checks will also look very authentic and stylish. Combinations of colors can be any, for example, light green and pink, black and blue, red and white.

Those who have already mastered the skills of nail art, is not to limit your imagination and apply on nails designs. The more original they are, the better. Traditional holiday trees or Christmas trees, ships and cars, traces of unknown animals and candy in bright wrappers, seals and pups, stylized letters or abstractions – we can safely embody the most insane ideas. However, the drawings were accurate, because a sloppy manicure in style swag looks not attractive.

In addition, you need to carefully choose the polishes for this manicure. Mother-of-pearl and translucent shades will not work – the surface shall be dense, with a smooth gloss or Matt. Varnishes-enamel is the perfect choice. The color combination is better to take a contrast, so manicure will look more interesting. Don’t neglect ready – made decor- bows, sequins, rhinestones.

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