The hallmark of every woman, no doubt, are her hands. Manicure should complement the image of women and to be irresistible. Importantly, with impeccable manicure, the woman feels more confident. Therefore, in order to be perfect in all senses should take care of your hands and nails.
Маникюр – визитная карточка каждой женщины
Lovers of country life certainly suitable housing estates on the new barn. Beautiful nature and fresh air. Each resident of the metropolis will love to relax in a country cottage – this will allow you to spend a weekend well and gain strength.

The shape of the nail is chosen by each woman based on their personal preferences, but paying attention to trends in the fashion world. In 2014, the actual are oval or round shape of the nail. The square shape is becoming every year less fashionable, but is popular among women, no matter what. Nail generally depart on the second plan. Fashion this season is rightly considered naturalness. As for the length of the nail, it is best to opt for medium or short.

Pastel colors occupy the first place in the world of nail fashion. It is not surprising, because this manicure looks very natural and does not attract unnecessary attention. If a bright color on the nails – it’s skate women, you should not itself be infringing. Metallic colours are also fashionable, but to choose their best if the nail square.

Also the height of fashion matte colors: blue, maroon, black. These colors will surely suit avid fashionistas.

Satin manicure is a middle ground between the previous two. Such varnishes are similarities with matte finish and at the same time have a slight sheen.
Маникюр – визитная карточка каждой женщины3
In 2014 strengthened in fashion gradient – coating change from dark to light, or in reverse order.
If you want really unusual, manicure can vary sequins and rhinestones – this is true.

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