Hands can tell a lot about a person, that is why it is necessary to watch, that they were always clean and tidy. Actually, hands require attention not less than the face or hair. Take care of nails it is necessary in any case, whether short or long, covered with a varnish or not. The most basic treatment is hygienic type of manicure, during which remove the cuticle, process nail plate and polished nails.
Маникюр - не роскошь, а повседневная необходимость3
Regular manicure procedures will help to maintain healthy and beautiful nails, to avoid the appearance of burrs, brittle and cracks on the nails. At the moment there are four main types of manicure. As a rule, the main difference is in the method, which handles the cuticles. Below, a short overviewthat will help you to understand the differences manicure.
Маникюр - не роскошь, а повседневная необходимость
Cutoff manicure, or wet, is considered a recognized classic of nail care. This view assumes that the application of the bath with warm water to soften the skin, and then remove cuticle scissors. As for uncut, European, manicure, then remove the cuticle with the help of softening liquids containing natural acids that gently put around the nail, and after a few minutes, remove the soft skin with the help of sticks. Manicure do with the use of special equipment that stacijam the cuticle with the help of a small diamond nozzles spherical form. However, usually the apparatus are used for the pedicure. Finally, SPA-manicure is not clear system, but involves not only the treatment of nails, but also hands massage, peeling and strengthen hydrating mask. Often, these procedures are performed with the use of natural remedies – salts, mud, algae or oils. The procedure involves not only directly, hand care, and mental relaxation, so it takes time for about two hours. In any case, manicure always necessary, and so what it views to choose is a matter of personal preference.

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