The hand of a woman always should ideally look regardless of the type of work she does is physical or mental. Hands is a measure of age, status, social status and even the nature of women. However, not every woman have enough financial capacity to constantly visit the nail salon and pamper your hands expensive means.
Маникюр – роскошь или необходимость?4
The opinion that for a good manicure requires a lot of money is wrong. Moreover, if desired, can be almost not to invest in this process money, you just need to be patient and know the basic rules of care of hands. Today, many use the funds for the care of hands in China. And this is not surprising, because the goods from China are high quality and at the same time low price.
Маникюр – роскошь или необходимость?
Moreover, at all times, the Chinese were famous for their secret knowledge, they knew a lot of recipes of beauty and life extension. And that is why Chinese goods, in particular, cosmetics, popular among women in great demand.
Маникюр – роскошь или необходимость?3
For hand care you will need the usual manicure set, which consists of scissors, a nail file (preferably metal) and devices for removal of the cuticle. From a variety of herbs, you can buy in the pharmacy, and sea salt can do baths for hands. With their help it is possible to significantly rejuvenate the skin on the hands and strengthen your nails. Using such conventional products such as iodine and olive oil can also significantly strengthen the nail plate.
Маникюр – роскошь или необходимость?1
If you have no possibility to visit the nail salon, do it at least several times a year. While visiting you will be able to consult with a specialist, to learn the secrets and tricks manicure, in order then to apply this knowledge in their favor.

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