Маникюр по феншую на два пальца | Маникюр по фэншую на два пальца

Manicure on Feng Shui on two fingers

Remember when grandmother said, not drinking from a broken Cup, not sit on the corner of the Desk? These and many other behavior, life reflected in the philosophical teachings of Feng Shui. It is the accumulated knowledge and experience of the people who lived many centuries ago, who managed to find inner harmony yourself with the world. These teachings, not noticeable even for ourselves, we use in everyday life. Even manicure done on Feng Shui will help to direct the energy of your life in the direction of prosperity and harmony with the world.

One of the first who began to make manicure on Feng Shui was Christine Fitzgerald. She compared the effects of color and elements, as well as the value of the fingers and so was born a new trend in the nail industry. About peculiarities of manicure on Feng Shui and photo examples we put in our article.

How to choose a manicure on Feng Shui (photo)

Найдите свою феншуй-стихию | Найдите свою фэншуй-стихию

Find your Feng Shui element

To select your correct Shui-manicure need to determine and indicate the influence of two factors:

  1. Determine the element to which you belong, according to the teachings of Feng Shui.

The basic elements of Feng Shui are:

  • Fire (9 and 0).
  • Water (1),
  • Metal (6 and 7),
  • Land (2, 5 and 8),
  • Tree (3 and 4).

To find their element is very simple, but the calculations are conducted for men and women differently due to the higher number of female readers and subscribers to our site, the calculations do for female audience.

So, the last two digits of the year of your birth (for example, 86, born in 1986) reduce by a “4” and divide it by “9” ((86-4)/9=9 with the rest of “1” is the water). The balance determines your element, with no money, accept him as “9”.

2. Defined sphere of life to which you want to influence.

Выделяя определенный палец, мы влияем на свою жизнь

Allocating a certain finger, we affect your life

Pattern, color Feng Shui, we will do on his right hand, as it is a “giver”. Each finger of the right hand meets certain elements and by selecting it, we attract good luck in his element – his life.

Manicure on Feng Shui by the elements (photo)

  • For those who are under the influence of Water suitable grey, mother-of-pearl, blue and lilac shades. In addition, you can select the ornament in the form of drops, surges, fish or snowflakes.
  • The element of Earth is stability. Color representatives of this element will be beige, brown, brown and gold. Decorate manicure are rocks and sand.
Золотой цвет маникюра представляет стихию Земля

The Golden color of the nail Polish is the element of Earth

  • The color of the element Tree will be black, green and translucent colors. Inside you lives creativity. Decoration for your Nogotkov suitable motifs of nature: butterflies, webs, plants, etc.
  • Metal attracts success in business and all beginnings. The color of this element will be the cool shade of steel, gold, silver and white. Decorate manicure with sequins and beads.
  • The fire will decorate the brightest shades, but remains the dominant color of the flame – red. Decorate your nails can drawings of fire, sun, sequins and rhinestones

Manicure on Shui on the fingers of the right hand (photo)

But choosing their element by year of birth should not remain only in it for the ancient teachings tell us that each finger of the right hand of the woman can activate any of the elements. Highlighting some nail, you activate the vital energy, which is precisely the elements that can help you today in any area of your life:

С помощью маникюра по феншуй мы можем сами влиять на свою судьбу | С помощью маникюра по фэн-шуй мы можем сами влиять на свою судьбу

Using manicure in Feng Shui, we can influence our own destiny

On the left hand will act inverse energy. Therefore, the sages did not recommend to decorate the fingers of his left hand:

  • The little finger of the left hand is a hoax or betrayal.
  • Untitled – disappointment and heartache.
  • The average is a disorder of sexual life.
  • Index – fear and uncertainty.
  • Large – broken hopes and misunderstanding.

I think that matched the information we will help you get from life what you want. You just need to decorate one or two nail RIGHT hand and feel the burst of energy in that area of your life that are most in need. Sometimes it is enough to decorate several of nails drawings or rhinestones, to color was not evident. Search for your Feng Shui design of nails and become successful. Examples photo manicure on Feng Shui in our article will help you to do it yourself.

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