Beautiful and well-groomed nails show the degree of grooming women, but here you should not overdo it at length, because many men may think about sentencedto.

The nail treatment is necessary to produce high-quality instruments. High quality manicure set, as well as skin cosmetics for hands you can get a discount if you decide to become an avon representative.
Маникюр на руках в домашней обстановке.2
The processing steps of the nail:

  • Shortening and shaping of the nail. This can be done with scissors and nail file, depending on length. But in the final stage, the nail file is an indispensable tool in imparting smoothness of the nail.
  • Bath with sea salt to strengthen the nail plate and remove dirt. After the procedure, apply the cream on the hands, paying attention to the fingertips.
  • With the help of nail tool (wooden or plastic spatula) extended the cuticle. Many women cut pushed the skin, but this is wrong, because it reinforces its growth.
  • Remove burrs with scissors and tweezers.
  • In conclusion, once again, apply a hand cream.

Creating manicure includes not only the processing of the nail, but the process of applying varnish. At the moment there are many techniques: ambergris, French and Japanese manicure, drawings, patterns, fimo etc
Маникюр на руках в домашней обстановке.3
But before that, you need to make a preparatory stage:

  • Degrease the liquid varnish remover, better without acetone.
  • Apply a base coat. He is selected depending on the condition of the nails. The basis will prevent the penetration of varnish and prepare the nail for the application of colored lacquer.
  • After the preparatory phase, apply the varnish and fix a fixer. He will give Shine and protection manicure from mechanical damage.
  • Маникюр на руках в домашней обстановке.4

To care for your fingernails it’s quite easy, just need to allocate some time for this procedure and beautiful manicure at home is provided.

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