Шеллак – это роскошный маникюр фото | Шеллак – это роскошный маникюр

Shellac is a luxury manicure

You agree that, making manicure, each of us wants lacquer as long as possible stayed on the nails. However, as practice shows, in most cases, manicure made at home, doomed to a short life. Contact with water and household chemical goods means, cooking and occupation of other daily activities – all this adversely affects the manicure. Although, not so bad! Professionals of beauty industry offers an innovative tool – shellac. What is this miracle-tool?

Shellac and its features

If not delve into the intricacies of its chemical composition, shellac is a mixture of nail Polish and gel in one bottle.

What are the advantages of shellac? A lot of them:

  •  The ability to quickly grow nails. This tool is recommended by the first owner of the short and fragile nails. And it is no wonder! Covered with shellac nails crack, exfoliate, and look also fabulous.
  •  Long-term results. This innovative laquer нестрашен contact with the household chemical goods. Even after 3 weeks lacquer blossom on your nails will look as if you just made a manicure.
  •  The variety of color palettes. Modern manufacturers of nail products offer shellac in many color variations: from classic pink tones to bright saturated colors of the most unusual colors. Moreover, shellac is also the only tool that gives nails a incredible Shine.
  •  Harmless tool. In the structure of shellac no such hazardous components formaldehyde, so it can be used even pregnant.
    Шеллак – это многообразие цветовой палитры фото | Шеллак – это многообразие цветовой палитры

    Shellac is a variety of color palettes

But there are shellac and its «Achilles heel». First, this tool is expensive, and if the procedure is in the cabin, for this manicure will take. Secondly, one cannot ignore the fact that shellac exposed to temperature fluctuations. For example, you take a bath or wash the dishes in gloves, under the influence of high temperature water nails are expanding, and after narrowing, taking its natural form. Now because of that deformation of the nail plates on the surface appear mikrotreschinki through which on the surface of nails hits the mud and water (and this is the perfect conditions for reproduction of harmful bacteria).

Having considered all pros and cons, most of the ladies make their choice in favor of shellac, and is applied on the nails by yourself at home.

Step-by-step instructions for applying the shellac at home

Шеллак – это долговременный результат фото | Шеллак – это долговременный результат

Shellac is a long – term result

The whole technique of application of shellac can be divided into three stages:

  •  preparation of a basis;
  •  application of shellac;
  •  the finish.

How to prepare a basis:

  1.  Gently slide the spatula cuticle.
  2.  Give nails a desired shape.
  3.  Treat using a sanding nail file nail surface.
  4.  Shake brush the dust off of the nail plates.
  5.  Treat nails antibacterial agent, then Pat.
  6.  Cover the nail surface with a thin layer бондер-gel: matte nails – a sign that the gel is applied correctly. If the nail plate wet glistening, they put too much funds (remove any excess gel using a small piece of foam-rubber).
  7.  Apply to marigold a base gel, after which bring them under the ultraviolet radiation of a special lamp and cook for 25-30 seconds.

The order of application of shellac:

  •  Start the application of color paint with a little finger, then dry it under the rays of ultraviolet lamp and only then proceed to the coverage shellac next claw.
  •  If you want to get a slight shade, apply shellac only in one layer. In order to achieve a deep, rich color, apply several layers of lacquer.
  •  Follow the final drying of the nails, and place them into range of LED-lamp.

How to apply finish:

Шеллак – это абсолютно безвредное средство фото | Шеллак – это абсолютно безвредное средство

Shellac is absolutely harmless tool

  1.  Cover the nail plate establishes varnish: this procedure is similar to the procedure of sealing nail.
  2.  Remove with a sponge sticky upper layer (the one with a sponge recommended to use for processing the three nails, and after it should be changed to the new one).
  3.  Gently RUB into the cuticle nutritious oil and massage.

Procedures for removing shellac with nail plates:

  •  Moisten спонжик in Polish remover (must be present acetone) and cover the means of nail plates.
  •  Put the soaked in Polish remover with a sponge on the nail, covered with lacquer, and wrap the top finger foil.
  •  Hold 10-13 minutes, then remove the foil with a sponge and with an orange stick remove the cover.
  •  Using BAFA grind the nail plate and cover their nutritional butter cuticle.

By following these guidelines, you can make a chic manicure.

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