Prior to joining the long-awaited summer there are very few, but still have time to prepare for the coming season. Take note of creative ideas, monitor interesting trends. Everyone knows that no coherent and stylish way will not be without manicure. And judging by summer collections, we can confidently say boring for sure! Маникюр лето 2014: от классики к модерну3

Unlimited color palette

This season the riot of colors will conquer its diversity. Problem is only that bright and colorful patterns can quickly otshelushivatsya if the nail plate lack of vitamins, nails weak and constantly exfoliate. In order to get rid of this unpleasant sensations, the saline baths and therapeutic oils are not enough. You need to eat right, and avoid products that destroy the body: sweet, spicy and salty. Unsweetened diet will help to recover the body, and return nails former glory and strength. Back to colour. In the new season designers introduced the world to the outfits are quite different: from “space” ensembles to moderate attire, so the shades used in manicure, a surprisingly diverse.

Fashionable in the summer of 2014 are shades:
Маникюр лето 2014: от классики к модерну4

Yellow. Sunny color, which will give the feeling of happiness and sense winged. Juicy orange. Hit the coming season, which blends perfectly in tandem with “vitamin” dresses. Turquoise. As relevant as ever deeper depths of the sea. Gold and silver. A new collection of clothes rich in precious metals, which imperceptibly moved and nails beautiful girls. Dark shades. In the new seasonal designers focus on the mix of bright clothes and dark nail-design. Also in this season remains current French and manicure in pastel colors. As for the length of nails, there were no original ideas – nails medium length and oval as always in trend.

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