More recently, marketable material were tips that were glued on their nails, but the beauty industry is not standing still, and now in beauty salons is possible to increase the nails is not distinguishable from the natural.
This procedure is in high demand, so the nail has become possible to make not only in the cabin, and calling the wizard to his home. This is a big plus in the conditions of lack of free time. Increase the nails usually are made using three materials: acrylic, gel and bio-gel(see here).


Interesting fact that the idea nail this material belongs to the dentist. Later acrylic made safer material. Among all the materials acrylic is the most durable and lasting coating that lasts a very long time. In addition, this nail is very easy to correct by applying an additional layer. The disadvantage of this material is the smell, which is similar to dental.


Gel is a newer material that has no strong odor. To ensure that the gel solidified, use a special table with a UV lamp. The disadvantage of such a coating cannot be removed from the nail using a solvent. The gel can only be cut with a special nail file or clipper.
новиноки в маникюре
It must be done only by a professional to avoid damage to native fingernail. But the nails extended with gel durable, smooth and shiny.


The most modern and safe way to increase the nails. Bio-gel is mainly composed of natural resins, which allow the nail to breathe, to remain flexible, but durable. Such nails can be adjusted independently using a standard manicure tools, or with the help of a professional fluid without the cutting.

Advantages of artificial nails

Not every woman can boast of beautiful natural nails. Many nails break easily. This procedure will help to get rid of this problem, as there are substances which strengthen your own nail.

Another plus is the strength. With extended nails you can safely do daily chores without fear of spoiling your nails.
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Time saving — this manicure will look great even after a few weeks, and adjustments will need a little time.

Accrued nails — the choice of modern women, which seeks always look great. But, as with any cosmetic procedure, here too you should remember about the Golden mean and to give your own nails a periodic rest. This does not mean that you have to do without manicure, every six months to remove nails and be like the jacket, which will always be in fashion.

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