Doctors believe that if a person has poor nails, then blame improper care of them, not any of the chronic diseases in the body. Therefore, to have a beautiful healthy appearance, they need constant care. Now a lot of different salons that provide manicure services. If we take our capital, the manicure is very popular here, as well as triologia in Moscow.
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But if you don’t want to spend money on going to the nail salon, you can learn it at home. At the initial stage is the disinfection of the skin and nails using sanitary napkins. Various trays need not apply, because the nails have a tendency to absorb a lot of moisture, swell, weaken and badly treated. During the treatment should be provided maximum dry nails.

The cuticle is treated with a special oil compounds and creams. After that, the cuticle will be very soft, so it’s easy and painless to remove. If the cuticle trim, it can be broken further growth of the nail. Consults after washing hands to pull away the skin, taking the towel. The cuticle should be processed from the Central part to the edge. After this method, the nails should remain in the dry state, therefore, you need to wipe it with a dry cotton swab or a soft paper towel. The final part describes the process of polishing.
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Many polishing nail files are made with different polishing surfaces: the rough nail file is used only in order to file; nail file medium texture – removes rough spots and scars on the nail (this is done once a month); files very small polishing texture is applied to eliminate the most minimal defects and to ensure that the nails took on a gleam.

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