маникюр с помощью иголкиBeautiful manicure is not just a spectacular sight. It is also signal to others that the woman takes care of herself, understands and appreciates the beauty and tending to it. And it is not necessary to spend money to visit salons: manicures with a needle can be done independently, thus embodying all your ideas.


Equipment needles

Neat manicure using one shade of nail Polish is, of course, noble and attractive but sometimes you want something more vibrant and spectacular. And here – on nails flowers bloom, there are stripes or other geometric shapes, beautiful images, letters, numbers, and even portraits. Nail design is an excellent means of self – expression. Romantic personages will give preference to floral, the dreamer will choose space manicure, fatal women love a love theme and overtly sexual motives.

But not enough to choose a picture – but you need to put on your nails so that the result of the admiration of others, not ridicule. And it will have to be trained and to learn at least a few techniques of nail design. You shouldn’t show others their first experiments, but over time, you can achieve mastery in any of the techniques.

Design using needles is not too complicated, so this technique is often used in the home. Of course, the first time is unlikely to make a really beautiful manicure, but with time you can learn to create on the nail plate real works of art. Better to start with simple patterns – hearts, flowers, stars.



To perform manicure using needles do not need any exotic tools – just a regular sewing needle or a pin, which will be in any house. Varnish is also not much need for a spectacular manicure is enough two or three shades. The main thing is that the polishes are of good quality, preferably saturated colors, translucent, dense. Such varnishes are much easier to use than transparent, and the pictures turn out spectacular and clear.

Before you paint on the nails, it is necessary to do manicure. Nothing extraordinary need: hand care is carried out in the usual way. First you need to remove the old varnish, then steam the hands to soften and push back cuticles, give the nail shape. But to neglect this step because even the most luxurious of the drawings will be a bad look on the well-groomed hands.

Thus, to create drawings on the nails you need:

  • Transparent primer;
  • The nail Polish is the Foundation;
  • Lucky for drawing pattern;
  • The needle or several needles of different thickness;
  • Top coating;
  • Cotton swab moistened with liquid Polish remover or special pencil for correction manicure.

Manicure using needles requires great accuracy, so you should prepare the workplace. A smooth table with good lighting fit perfectly. You also need to allocate enough time for drawing pictures on nails: haste in such matters to anything good will not.

First on the prepared nail, apply a base coat. Then the background layer. You can do without him, immediately putting the pictures on top of a clear base, but usually the manicure looks more attractive if you draw on a beautiful colored background.

There are two basic techniques of painting the nails with needle – dry and wet. Which technique is used depends on the final result. To paint the nails in the dry technique should be applied to the nail base coat and good to dry. Then you can put on your nails drops of paint is a different shade and to give these drops of the desired shape, using a needle. Wet technique involves applying drops of paint on the damp coating – the result is that the shades are mixed, and the result is spectacular manicure.


How to make a manicure with a needle

The most important thing in manicure with a needle – not to press too hard on the nail surface. A needle is used to draw out a drop of varnish in the desired direction. If you press on the nail plate too hard, the nail surface becomes uneven, the paint will appear unsightly grooves.

In addition, it is important to work quickly while the varnish is wet. While a drop of paint is still liquid, it is necessary to quickly shape them. So for the first experiments nail art using a needle you should use the simplest scheme patterns. Beginners can try to draw on nails leopard spots, hearts or just abstract blobs.

When using the dry technique should be applied to the surface of the nail base coat, and then, when it’s completely dry, drops of paint of a different color. Then you need to use the needles to change the shape of these trickling, for example, depict a heart or star. To plunge the needle deep into the lacquer is optional, the tool is used only to pull the varnish. With the improvement of skill to complicate the task and put on your nails drops of several colors, thus obtaining the original patterns.

When using the wet technique on your nails with a thick layer of base coat is applied, and the top, not allowing the base to dry – drops of nail Polish of a different color. With the help of a needle colors are mixed with each other. For example, so you can get a beautiful spiral patterns.

When the drawing is finished, you need to dry the nails. Because the lacquers are applied with a thick layer, drying may take longer than usual. In addition, much time is spent and to apply the pictures. Therefore, drawing on the nails need to allocate at least an hour and a half. After drying picture varnish-fixers. Topcoat will give a finished look and a nice Shine, but at the same time disguise the marks of the needles on the surface, if any.

At first use the needle may be uncomfortable. In this case you can use as a holder of ordinary eraser needle: a needle stick blunt side (where the ear). To draw such a needle much easier than usual.

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