мужской маникюрMany representatives of the stronger sex are afraid male manicure almost more than procedures at the dentist. Women may find this hard to believe, but this painless and even pleasant procedure for men seems to be if not torture, something unnatural. However, well-groomed hands are not a dictate of the beauty industry last time, and the need and good tone. Have clean hands and nails without burrs and bitten the tips you need not only to women. Therefore, manicure – another investment in a successful image, and not sacrifice in the name of beauty.


Conspiracy against masculinity?

Prejudice concerning man’s manicure phenomenon can be easily explained. They understand well the masters of manicure salons, which for female and male workers, the same. Men are often embarrassed to go to beauty, even if aware of the importance of this procedure and need it for yourself in the moment. And how I look? And what is going to think of me? The stereotypes that genuine masculinity linked closely with the developed chest and callused from rough work fingers continued to successfully live in the minds of many members of both sexes. But, fortunately, they are beginning to capitulate with the development of business, in particular, in Russia.

If the man is the head of the company or a Manager, a specialist on work with clients, the person to whom the day-to-day meeting with people in the business community, groomed hands for it are not allowed. Definitely need a manicure, which includes skin softening and natural Shine, clean and neat the shape of nails. Nothing else manicure does not imply building, bright varnish and patterns on nails – women’s prerogative. So afraid of male manicure should not be a routine procedure.


Where you can get a manicure

Manicure men can make in the usual salon of beauty, they are engaged in the same masters who perform female. However, the expert should have experience with men’s hands. This is because men’s manicure requires special treatment, delicacy, coupled with the processing of the grosser zones. Men have a low pain threshold, therefore the processing cuticle want to be careful. The nails of representatives of the stronger sex are more rigid, therefore, processing and shaping takes a little more effort and time.

This manicure can be done either in the cabin or in the home. Of course, unlike women, men are kept away from independent beauty procedures, so it is best if manicure make a woman.


Stages of male manicure

  • Purification and softening

First the skin to soften, it is easier, burying them for a few minutes in a warm bath with liquid soap. For relaxing effect, you can add a few drops of essential oil. Optionally, you can perform a small peeling or ready cosmetic means or ground coffee, mixed in with a moisturizing cream or lotion. Peeling is performed careful stroking krugoobraznymi movements, the focus is on the area of the tips of the fingers and nails, but gently, without hurting the skin around the nail bed. After peeling arms again wash and thoroughly dry. You can start working with the nail.

  • Working with cuticle and nail plate

Until the cuticle of the most malleable, it is necessary to put a tool to soften or dissolution. After a few minutes (it depends on the particular cream) cuticle gently pulls away orange stick and is removed from the base of the nail.

High-quality sawing (better glass – it prevents delamination) nail is shortened, it is shaped.

  • Giving light

If the nail plate dim and in the grooves, you can Polish it with soft бафом. As a last step nails are covered with colorless transparent varnish.

You can perform male manicure and on dry hands, and always clean), using machines (manicure). Then the work with the cuticle and nails will be much faster. Procedure hardware manicure for men preferably perform in the cabin, as the work with the car and the man’s hands tricky.

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