The need to bring the handle in order not doubt nor a girl. However, in addition to the classic manicure, in the modern world there are many opportunities to do the manicure part of the image stand out, and may even surprise you. A huge variety of varnishes able to satisfy the most demanding taste.
Маникюр, который в моде2
Matte, glossy, high gloss, rough, as if mixed with sand, dehiscent, glowing, color changing, brilliant, with the addition of segments, “chameleons” – this is far not the whole list of contemporary miraculous products under the modest name of “nail Polish”.
Маникюр, который в моде4

For the manicure looks perfect, you need to choose the right shades, it is better to use one firm to the consistency (and it is a liquid, medium or gel-like) and the transparency of the varnish was the same. When the treasured bottle purchased is the time to see video lessons manicure – so the most detailed way possible to understand all the nuances of the procedure. It video lessons manicure will tell you how to choose colors, how to make a gradient coating, and where there is a trend to paint 1 or 2 nail a different color.
Маникюр, который в моде5
Beginners are advised to buy some quality varnishes, which will differ by 1-2 digits in the line-up tones. This will help to avoid gross errors in the color solution. Remember that bright shades look good only on long, manicured nogatco, acid colors nice, except that, the girl – teenager.
Маникюр, который в моде3
Win-win option for everyday life will become French, calm tones, discreet gradient. But do not be afraid and experiments: rhinestones, painting, piercing, carefully selected glitter will help create a unique festive image and to attract the gazes of men.

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