Nails women always require careful maintenance and care but, unfortunately, repeated visits to salons are quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. Per day nails face a lot of chemicals, just look at the composition of detergents and powders.
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All women want to be graceful, wear your favorite Jersey dress, which you can select here, and bring the manicure to go with her to the restaurant. And what would be a disappointment if the dress would be prettier and sleeker your own nail art.

In this regard, most women are faced with the question of how to keep nails, do not spend money on the services of salons. Fortunately there are many ways to keep them safe and at home conducting simple daily routines that do not take much time.

To get different vitamins, nails have to do special trays in the following recipes:

  • 50gr. olive oil heated in a water bath for 15 minutes. After, the oil should dip your nails and keep them in oil for about 20 minutes. This tray for doing nail for three weeks every other day.
  • 50 grams of sea salt dissolved in 200 grams of warm water and thoroughly mixed, after the nails are dipped for 15 minutes, repeat the procedure for 2 weeks every other day.

What I want to say our nails?

Be that as it may sound strange, but nails is tell the person about lack of vitamins. If the nails are a dull color is a signal of deficiency of vitamins A,b and E. If the nails have white streaks appear, this means that there are problems with the intestines, and in the case of slow growth is a sign of metabolic disorders.

Choose a nail file

Every care for themselves women always have a nail file, but how to choose the best that would not harm the nails. The choice of saws is large enough, and the usual metal better to throw out because they are harmful to the nails and often not rasp and break down the structure of the nail plate. One of the best options the use of glass nail files, for the reason that their surface is not so rough that would break the nails that proven already by many women. Should definitely take note that you should file nails in one direction and before the application of baths.

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Observing such simple rules and recipes can ensure that the nails will always be graceful and beautiful, the envy of friends spending money on a variety of salons.


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